Monday, 10 August 2015

My new Companion!! Comp #2

Hey party people!

So I know you are all excited to know who my new comp is... Hermana Wagner and she is from Texas. She was born in Mexico because her dad is from there (a part of the Mormon colonies) so that’s pretty cool. Her Spanish is AWESOME and it’s great because I need that help. BIGTIME!!! So this week was super cool, got to meet alot of inactives who just need Jesus. And work has just been WORK. I love it!

I still miss Kava HEAPS! And when I opened my emails just before I had received 15 emails from her so obviously she missed me too lol! But we'll be comps again in Belize. President told us jajaja, vamos a ver... But yes, this week has been good.

We started teaching this 15 year old boy named Christopher (in English because that’s what he asked), long story short his parents were members and something happened where they were offended by the church and didn't want anything to do with it anymore. So yesterday when we passed by, the Dad comes out and yells at us to never come back and to be honest I couldn't understand it, all I could see was that he was mad. Lol! But we were with a member and so he kinda broke it down to us. So it’s sad because I'm sure Christopher would've been baptised... maybe in a few years... Just planting seeds ya know? 

We also met a gang member lol spoke fluent English, reminded me of vato locos lol for real, the way he dressed and his tatts. He was saying how he wants to follow Jesus and how he needed to be in jail to teach his brothers there and to push them up. Hahaha! It was super crazy, but heaps funny. Every day is different and just as interesting as the next. 

I love it here, and sorry I am writing so late. The buses won’t be going for 3 days because the gangs blew up 6 buses and people died and so they've

 stopped buses for 3 days so we needed to find a member to bring us here to write. This country is crazy but I love it. My new companion is heaps focused. Which is good for me, we only talk about mission things. You know, this is work... you only talk about work. So it’s awesome. 

Well I love you all, sorry it’s short. But always remember that if we are doing what we need to be doing and making all the right decisions, that our Heavenly Father will provide us with whatever we NEED. He is bound if we do what He says but if we don't, our promise is broken. He loves us SOOOO MUUUUCHHHH! We owe it to Him to be obedient. We owe it to ourselves. One more thing, tell my brothers I miss them. I really do. I love them so much. Send them my love, and my Daddy too. I miss you guys. I love you all so muchhh!!! SEND ME PHOTOS DANGIT... for the last time lol!

Stay safe, stay healthy... I love you all!!!

Hermana Loli


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