Friday, 16 September 2016

God be with you til we meet again



It has been a miraculous ride and I cannot even express how heart broken I am to be leaving the mission. I will miss everything!

I am so grateful for the eternal friendships that I have made, the countries of Belize and El Salvador that I now call home, the lessons I have learned and the trials that have helped to shape me into the woman I am now. I am grateful for every little thing!!!


I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have had to serve in my beloved areas: 


Ayutuxtepeque (El Salvador), Corozal (Belize), Santa Elena (Belize) and San Pedro (Belize)


I never ever thought that I would love people as much as my own Family but the people that I have met here in these areas are all equally embedded in my heart and can never be replaced. I am thankful for the investigators that I was able to introduce to the church, the converts that I have helped come unto Christ by entering the waters of baptism and the members that I have made unbreakable bonds with. They are such blessings to me. Each and every single one of them! I love them all that words cannot suffice!


I am so blessed to have such loving and understanding mission parents: 


President and Sister Hintze 

President and Sister Adams.


These past 18 months would not have been endurable without their love, their example and their encouragement. They have so much love for us missionaries and in the 18 months that I served, I always felt that love. Always. I'm also grateful for the awesome (and patient haha) leaders that I have had, DL's, ZL's, AP's and STL's... #TooManyToName #YouKnowWhoYouAre. Thanks for the memories, you guys were and still are GREAT examples! Thank you for serving! 


Thank you to my perfect companions. I can't even begin to express the gratitude I have for them for putting up with me...


Hermana Kava 
Hermana Wagner 
Hermana Martinez
Sister Hirsch 
Sister Barrientos 
Sister Alcantara 
Sister Scott
(who was also my MTC companion #StartedFromTheBottomNowWeHere)


My companions were the best comforters, counselors, shoulders to cry on, listening ears and sisters anyone could have ever asked for... #MyCompsAreBetterThanYours #EternalSisterhood. They were my best friends for the 6/12/18 weeks that I was with them (& still are) and I thank them for their patience, laughter and love. You will always be apart of me #mymissionjourney #MyBest18months.


I can't forget my MTC family. We are the tightest group that any mission ever saw #Preach! #est.18March2015


Sisters: Aillery, Alsdorf, Larsen, Lino & Scott

Elders: Blair, Fiu, Gifford, Maliga, Osiek & Riding


I'll miss my siblings since I'm on the otro lado del mundo, but I'll see them soon #InTheNextLife lol. I've never loved a group of people so fast before in my life. They are my brothers and sisters. No doubt since the second we all met. #PreachMyGospelMissionaries #GodsArmy. Thanks for picking on me but also for loving me... #Jokes4Days #ToughLove #SiblingLove.


Thanks to the people who kept me alive #TeamNurse: Sister Arias, Sister Larsen & Elder Osiek #ImAlwaysSick #ButTheyKeptMeBreathing. I know how hard you guys work to keep us missionaries functioning AND do mission work. I laav unu!


A massive thank you to the senior couples: The Adams, The Aldens and The Studebakers. They have always helped keep me sane when I needed to vent and always gave the best advice. They not only kept me sane, but focused. They were my parents here in Belize and helped prepare me for the future #PointersForMarriage hahaha. I was blessed with the best!!! They are the perfect examples of what a marriage should look like #EternalMarriage #CoupleGoals #MarriageGoals #BestfriendGoals.


Last, but far from least, my cheerleaders, my family and friends who, through their encouraging words, kept me pushing on and going forward with Faith. You don't even understand how much your emails and letters brightened my mission and lifted my spirits. They really helped me get through those rough times. I cannot wait to hug you all (yes all, #IGetToHug #AndItsAllowed hahaha). Your support has been incredible!


Well... I remember my first day on the field. I met a sister missionary who was finishing her mission. I asked her if it went fast and she responded quickly, "don't blink or you'll miss it"... Boy, in those first few months did I blink and blink and blink and nothing was happening hahaha jokes. But for reals... she wasn't wrong! Where did the time go? 18 months is done gone and I'm heading back to my motherland Australia and my beautiful FOREVERFAMILY who I have missed heaps! #TimeFlies #ByeMission #HelloRealLife... :(


The preparation for my mission was so hard that I almost gave up. I thought: "I should probably just get married cos it'd be easier than this..." Hahaha (it probably would've been haha jokes). But I understand now, why it was so hard. Satan did not want me to accomplish the things that I have accomplished in these past 18 months. This has been the greatest sacrifice that I have ever made in my life and I do not regret it one single bit. Satan doesn't want us to be happy. He tries to stop us from doing the things that help us to gain eternal happiness. My mission has helped me not only gain true happiness but my eternal perspective is sure and my testimony is strong (2 Nephi 31:20).


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect, there is no other word to describe it. The Gospel is PERFECT! The love that our Heavenly Father has for us is unfathomable and He has a perfect plan for us that we can come to know through this perfect Gospel. It is the only church that promises eternal families because it is the only church that has within it the Priesthood power of God. I know that Joseph Smith restored the church and I can testify with no doubt because I have prayed to know and I have received an answer. I have read the Book of Mormon and the spirit of God has testified to me through feelings in my heart that it is a TRUE testament of Jesus Christ. I know it, I know it, I know it!


The adversary will always come and try in many different ways to twist the truth until he has succeeded BUT remember to "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!". I said before and I'll say it again that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is PERFECT! If you don't know, I invite you to pray about it. Your Heavenly Father will never lie to you, never! Pray with a real intent to know. He will answer you. I know because He has answered me and continues to answer me daily.


I am sad to be leaving the mission but also very excited for what this next chapter brings and what God has in store for me. I know that as long as I keep the faith that it will all work out. It always has and it always will. Be believing and keep on keeping on.


I love you all & I know that we will meet again, in this life or the next. 


¡yo se quien soy y quien puedo ser si elijo!


Signing out for the last time with a badge on my heart,


Hermana Loli / Sister Loli



18 March 2015 - 14 September 2016


Dios este con ustedes hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo

English Translation to follow (Next post).



Ha sido un camino milagroso y no puedo expresar cuanto se quiebra mi corazon por tener que dejar la mision. Extraniare todo!


Estoy muy agradecida por las amistades eternas que he hecho, los paises de Belice y El Salvador que ahora llamo hogar, las lecciones que he aprendido y las pruebas con las que he ayudado me han formado en la mujer que soy ahora. Estoy agradecida por cada cosa pequenia!!!


Estoy muy agradecida por las oportunidades que he tenido de servir en mis amadas areas:


Ayutuxtepeque (El Salvador), Corozal (Belice), Santa Elena (Belice) 

and San Pedro (Belice).


Yo nunca pense que iba a querer a la gente tanto como mi propia Familia, pero la gente que he conocido aquí en estas áreas todos estan de igual manera marcados en mi corazón y nunca podran ser reemplazados. Estoy agradecida por los investigadores a los que ayude a conocer la iglesia y los conversos que he ayudado a venir a Cristo mediante las aguas del bautismo y tambien de los miembros con los que he hecho relaciones irrompibles. Todos y cada uno de ellos son una bendicion para mi. Amo a todos que las palabras no son suficientes!


Soy muy bendecida por tener a unos padres de mision tan amorosos y comprensibles:


Presidente y Hermana Hintze


Presidente y Hermana Adams.


Estos últimos 18 meses no hubieran sido tan buenos de no haber sido por su amor, su ejemplo y sus palabras de animo. Ellos tienen tanto amor por nosotros los misioneros y en los 18 meses que he servido he sentido ese amor. Siempre. También estoy agradecida por los impresionantes (y pacientes jaja) lideres que he tenido, DL's, ZL's de AP's y STL's... #TooManyToName #YouKnowWhoYouAre. Gracias por los recuerdos, ustedes fueron y todavía son grandes ejemplos! Gracias por servir!


Gracias a mis perfectas compañeras. Nisiquiera puedo expresar la gratitud que tengo a ellas por haber estado conmigo...


Hermana Kava 
Hermana Wagner 
Hermana Martinez
Sister Hirsch 
Sister Barrientos 
Sister Alcantara 

Sister Scott (who was also my MTC companion #StartedFromTheBottomNowWeHere)


Mis compañeras fueron las mejores consoladoras, las consejeras, que me prestaron su hombro para llorar, oidos para escuchar y hermanas que cualquiera quisiera pedir... #MyCompsAreBetterThanYours #EternalSisterhood. Ellas fueron mis mejores amigas por las 6/12/18 semanas que estuve con ellas (y siguen siendo) y les agradezco por su paciencia, la risa y el amor. Siempre serás aparte de mí #mymissionjourney # MyBest18months.


No puedo olvidar a mi familia del CCM. Somos el grupo más cercano que cualquier misión ha visto #Preach! # est.18March2015



Hermanas: Aillery, Alsdorf, Larsen, Lino & Scott

Elderes: Blair, Fiu, Gifford, Maliga, Osiek y Riding


Voy a extrañar a mis hermanos ya que estoy al otro lado del mundo, pero los veré pronto #InTheNextLife lol. Nunca he amado a un grupo de personas tan rápido en mi vida. Ellos son mis hermanos y hermanas. Sin lugar a dudas desde el segundo en que nos conocimos. #PreachMyGospelMissionaries #GodsArmy. Gracias por bromear conmigo, pero tambien por amarme... # Jokes4Days #ToughLove #SiblingLove.


Gracias a las personas que me mantuvieron viva #TeamNurse: la hermana Arias, la hermana Larsen & Elder Osiek #ImAlwaysSick #ButTheyKeptMeBreathing. Yo se que tan duro ustedes trabajan para mantener a los misioneros funcionando Y haciendo la obra misional. I laav unu!


Un enorme agradecimiento a los matrimonios mayores: Los Adams, los Aldens y los Studebakers. Siempre han ayudado a mantenerme sana cuando lo necesitaba para aliento y siempre me dieron los mejores consejos. No sólo me mantuvieron sana, pero tambien enfocada. Fueron mis padres aquí en Belice y me ayudaron a prepararme para el futuro #PointersForMarriage jajaja. Fui bendecida con la mejor!!! Ellos son los perfectos ejemplos de como un matrimodio deberia verse #EternalMarriage #CoupleGoals #MarriageGoals #BestfriendGoals.


Por último, pero no menos importante, mis porristas, mi familia y amigos que, a través de sus palabras de aliento, me estuvieron empujando y siguiendo adelante con fe. Nisiquiera pueden entender cuanto iluminaron mi mision y levantaron mi espiritu todos sus correos y cartas. Realmente me ayudaron en esos momentos difíciles. No puedo esperar para abrazar a todos (sí todos, #IGetToHug #AndItsAllowed jajaja). Su apoyo ha sido increíble!


Bueno ... Recuerdo mi primer día en el campo. Me encontré con una hermana misionera que estaba terminando su misión. Le pregunté si el tiempo pasaba rapido y ella respondió rápidamente, "no parpadees o te lo perderas" ... Hombre, en esos primeros meses yo parpadee y parpadee y parpadee y no paso nada jajaja bromas. Pero en serio... ella no se equivoco! ¿Donde se fue el tiempo? 18 meses se han ido y yo estoy ya para regresar a mi tierra natal Australiy mi hermosa FAMILIAETERNA que tengo montones perdidas! #TimeFlies #ByeMission #HelloRealLife ... :(


La preparación de mi misión fue tan fuerte que casi me di por vencida. Pensé: "Probablemente debería casarme porque seria mas facil que esto ..." Hahaha (probablemente si hubiera sido jaja bromas). Pero ahora entiendo, por qué fue tan difícil. Satanás no quería que yo lograra las cosas que he logrado en estos últimos 18 meses. Este ha sido el mayor sacrificio que he hecho en mi vida y no me arrepiento ni un poquito. Satanás no quiere que seamos felices. El trata de que dejemos de hacer las cosas que nos ayudan a obtener la felicidad eterna. Mi misión me ha ayudado no sólo a ganar la verdadera felicidad pero mi perspectiva eterna es segura y mi testimonio es fuerte (2 Nefi 31:20).



El Evangelio de Jesucristo es perfecto, no hay otra palabra para describirlo. El Evangelio es PERFECTO! El amor que nuestro Padre Celestial tiene para nosotros es incomprensible y Él tiene un plan perfecto para nosotros que podemos llegar a conocer a través de este Evangelio perfecto. Es la única iglesia que promete una familia eterna, porque es la única iglesia que tiene el poder del Sacerdocio de Dios. Sé que José Smith restauró la iglesia y puedo testificar sin duda porque yo he orado para saber y he recibido una respuesta. He leído el Libro de Mormón y el espíritu de Dios me ha testificado a través de sentimientos en mi corazón que es un testamento verdadero de Jesucristo. Lo sé, lo sé, lo !


El adversario siempre vendrá y tratara de muchas maneras diferentes para cambiar la verdad hasta que haya tenido éxito pero recuerden que tienen que "duden sus dudas antes de dudar de su fe!". He dicho antes y lo diré otra vez que La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días es el Evangelio restaurado de Jesucristo y El Evangelio de Jesucristo es PERFECTO! Si ustedes no lo saben, yo invito a orar al respecto. Nuestro Padre Celestial nunca les mentira, ¡nunca! Oren con una verdadera intención para saber. Él les responderá. Lo sé porque él me ha respondido y me sigue contestando diariamente.


Estoy triste por dejar la misión, pero también muy emocionada por lo que este nuevo capítulo va a traer y lo que Dios tiene reservado para mí. Sé que si mantengo la fe todo saldrá bien. Siempre ha sido así y siempre lo será. Sigue creyendo y continúa.


Les amo a todos y sé que nos volveremos a encontrar, en esta vida o en la próxima.


¡yo se quien soy y quien puedo ser si elijo!


Cerrando sesión por última vez con una placa en mi corazón,


Hermana Loli / Sister Loli



18 Marzo 2015 - 14 Septiembre 2016

Thursday, 8 September 2016

... & I'll tell you all about it when I see you again

Hey guys...

So this week was great! I have one week left and its so weird. So some highlights.. If I can remember lol...

So, Billy (our Muslim investigator) has a brother and sister who live in Bankstown. Crazy huh?! He wants me to visit them when I get home... So, lets do that! LOL! He gave me their addresses and was tryna hook me up with his younger brother LOL... But yeah, Billy is still so great!!!

Then the ZL's had interchanges here on the island and it was really good to have Chavez back for 3 days and then my LAST DISTRICT MEETING EVER !!! It was cool, we took a lot of cool pics. I'll send them after.

Also this week we've been helping Marlene out at the library a lot and she's got me doing stock and spread sheets and stuff... I was like, "man I ain't ready for that life yet..." omg, real life is coming and I feel like ... freaaak! #overwhelmed... but all goods, I got this.



Well, the church is true. GO TO CHURCH. Read the Book of Mormon, it only talks of good things.

Pray always, Heavenly Father wants to hear from you.

I LOVE YOU ALL. Next week is my last... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


All my loving,

Sister Loli





SATURDAY, 17TH SEPTEMBER 2016 @ 6:45am, Sydney International Airport.


Its over 😭 


TERMINAL 1              17 SEP 06:45


PSS. Oh also, got sick at church yesterday like nearly died so we slept at The Alden's last night and got to watch the sun rise. It was nice. They're like millionaires! #pisto

PSSS. Enjoy my pics of my final days :,(

All though we've come... to the end of the road...

Hello loves!

So, like, I'm coming home. OMG! I can't even grasp the reality of it. It's so weird! But like, it doesn't feel real. I dunno.. but anyways, this week was sick. We had interchanges with Belmopan and so Aillery and Barrientos came to the isla bonita for 2 days. I went with Aillery and Scott worked with Barrientos. It was hektik, this guy comes and hails us down asking us where the last 2 sisters went, we told him how we change all the time and then he starts bombarding us with questions. But they were good questions, he was for real genuine. Nekk minnit, we find out he's a muslim. Omg, hektikkkk! I wanna baptise a muslim! Lol, he is so cool. He is originally from Jordan but has lived here for like 18 years or something. He is so interested in our beliefs and told us that he believes in God and loves our beliefs because we focus a lot on LOVE... Thats true. I love love! But yeah, his name is Bilal. We call him Billy.

Marlene's boyfriend Ken got baptised on Friday. Man, she was so happy and I was so happy for her. She's one step closer to the main goal #TempleMarriage #cantwait LOL. But yes, she said in her talk that since God has been in their lives, they are more in love than they have ever been before. Its so true, God needs to be FIRST... And then everything else will fall into place. Let go and let God!


We also had District Conference and that was nice. But we Skype'd in to watch it. The theme was on self-reliance something that would really help out here in Belize. I learned a lot for my future life too #independent #not hahahaha. But honestly, my time is like nearly up. I have 16 days left and next Monday when I write again, I'll have 9 days left. WHAT THE FREAK!? Time just flew! But yeah, I love the mission with my whole heart and will miss it terribly BUT just like starting the mission, finishing a mission is a part of life as well and going home is just a new chapter in my life. I have so many goals and plans and I hope you guys will support me in accomplishing them... Like I already know you guys will. I love this PERFECT Gospel, theres no other word to describe it.

Omg, I can't believe everyone got into car crashes this week. WT?! #Crazy... I guess God's trying to teach yous a lesson of LOVING and APPRECIATING one another before its too late. Haha, jokes... Well, I hope you guys are as excited to see me as I am to see yous! Can you believe that your happiness is coming back? Hahahaha! I can't wait to see my Daddy! OMG!!! Anyways, I love yous heaps! Be good and be examples to everyone. Try and see the good in every situation, look for God's hand in every single situation.

I'll send photos now. I love yous heaps. 16 DAYS TO SAVE SOULS!

All my loving,

Sister Loli

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY HYRUM. So old now, I bet you're taller than me... I love you Hum!

Bez, tell Calum and Andy I said happy birthday to them too.

Okay I love yous.

Sister Loli

PS. Don't miss me too much cause I'm coming home soon!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!
PSS. Ok here's my pics....
This is Erolyn and she is my absolute FAVOURITE. Black babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Sister Velasquez. She's the cutest!

Church finished, in the golfcart with the Velasquez crew

Selfies with my girls Sky and Arrian. Sky is just precious! She reminds me heaps of Juani. She's so clever! And her hair is so long just like Juani. I wanna adopt her!!!

Ken's Baptism
Ken's Baptism II
Yeah, I'm still the Queen of selfies #MissionSelfieGameStrong HAHAHA!
My San Pedro xx

Saturday night session of District Conference with Juney.

with Doris and Erolyn

I'm going to miss my baby Angel, this is Bella's son... :(
He reminds me so much of Hansy.

Helping Marlene with tutoring