Tuesday, 26 May 2015

WEEK 10!!!!!!

Hey guys!

Sorry I´m late in emailing even though you guys are all probably still sleeping. But today for P-day we went to the beach... 
LA PLAYAAAAA! It was fun I guess, good Zone unity. I had my umbrella hahahaha but I always do so nothing has changed... Can’t get any darker... But yes this week went WAY too fast. Actually this whole change has been SO FAST AND FURIOUS I CANT EVEN BELIEVE IT. We have only 2 more weeks of this change left. Crazy! But yeah it has been super chivo! Every night this week I´ve dreamt about home which is weird. But I´m all good. Take care of mi Padres... I miss them! I heard Daddy had an attack... Ummmm why? My parents are old. Keep them safe. I miss the Seupule’s tell them I miss them. Invite them to Evotia’s blessing. THEY NEED THE GOSPEL!! I love you guys heaps. Sorry not enough time cos Ive been sending photos. But I am good, I got the kupe mum.. thank you I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! The work is going forth. I know that this church is true with all of my heart. I am so blessed to be out here serving the most high. I would be LOST without this TRUE Gospel in my life. I cannot believe it sometimes, that I’m a missionary.. SO CRAZYYY!!!! But anyways I LOVE YOUUUU ALLLLLLL!!!!

My first District!!!! 

My trainer - Hermana Kava

Office Elders - Fonoimoana & Fauver

My CCM Companion - Hermana Scott 

Poly's United!!! Hahaha!

Elder Fonoimoana (Hawaii/Utah)
Hermana Lino (California)
Elder Maliga (Utah)
Hermana Kava (Hawaii)
Me (Australia, Newcastle)
Elder Fiu (Melbourne)

Happy birthday to my inigual sistaaaa Leata, be good over there lingling...
Happy birthdayyyyy to Minzzzz.... so olddddd lol kidding. Hope your wife buys you stuff lol.



Hermana Loli xoxoxo

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My First Pupusa

Ummm... noone wants to write huh? QUE PASO?

Well I received my first letter this week from Tiffany. She’s such a cutie. Thank you Tiffany!!!  I´m sending you a letter today!

How was the funeral? How was everything? Thanks for filling me in... NOT!  But yeah anyways, don´t leave me out of the loop. If I don´t get an update on Monday I think the worst.

Anyways, Sister Remington and Sister Havea filled me in on the stake split. That’s so cool and weird all in one. Like AWESOME cos the work is progressing but sad cos I love President Whiting. Its gonna be weird and why did we have to go with Central Coast? Lol just kidding... but really... 

Anyways, this week has been SUPER HARD. I´ve been like crying all week... Well just the beginning of the week and then the AP Elder Fonoimoana called me and gave me some advice cos about a year ago he lost his Dad and what helped him get through it on the mish (cos he didn’t go home) was reading, studying and pondering on the Plan of Salvation and strengthening his testimony on that. So that has been my focus and I know it’s real, I know it is true!

I am so BLESSED to be here on my mission. I LOVE IT! My Zone has been so supportive and Hermana Hintze is the bomb. Oh EMM Gee! me and the Hermana´s in my zone (the 6 of us) sang Glorioso - Eleni in front of our Multi-zone... It was pa´ulua... but it was cool. LOL!

So the beginning of the week was REAL depressing. But then we ended on a high. We got 18 new investigators!!! It was super cool! How is everyone? What’s been happening?  Send me real letters everyone!

Anyways, I love you guys. This week I´m teaching the Relief Society a Samoan dance, and the Priesthood the haka and Kava is teaching a Hawaiian dance to the youth and Tahitian to the primary. Then we´re singing ¨Hey boy for our Tongan item cos Fonoimoana said I could have his uke until the 6th of June. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I am so in love with the ukulele... It reminds me so much of HOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! His sister sent it from Hawaii, it’s PERFECT! But yeah his ukulele actually helped me to like get over myself LOL I just kept crying all the time. But yeah he is the BOMB!!!!! Okay not much to say but I love you guys. DO GOOD THINGS, DONT TALK TO STRANGERS...





Don’t miss me too much, I’ve got work to do!!!
Hermana Loli xoxoxo

My Eddie xx

Alot has happened over the past 2 weeks. My cousin's son (who would usually be my nephew in Samoan culture) but was more like my brother - Eddie Seupule passed away on 06 May 2015. I found out when I called home for Mother's Day xx My thoughts to be read out by Eternity at the family service...

¨I have the biggest headache right now because I can´t stop crying. I just finished talking to everyone via Skype. I don´t think I´ve ever lost someone this close to me before. My heart is honestly so broken right now. It´s really weird because the last time we spoke was the day before I left for my mission. Our Heavenly Father really does know ALL things because on Saturday I had already said goodbye to you. But on Monday before I was set apart to be a missionary I had a feeling that I wanted to say goodbye again so I called Sina to talk to you and she told me she was at the hospital with you because something happened and you needed a check-up. So I told Aso that I needed to see you ASAP! When I get there I say ¨are you serious? What happened?¨ and you just smile, then I say ¨whos gonna look after you now? I wont be here for 18 months. Gosh!¨and you just laugh and say ¨dont worry, I´m okay¨. Always so humble Eddie, I miss you so much! Then you ask how I feel about coming here to El Salvador and if I´m scared. And don´t talk to any MS13 members. LOL! Too late, jokes... 

I honesly feel super gypped right now that you won´t be there when I get home, but I´m also so grateful because I know that you´ll be here watching over me in this dangerous country, God knew that I needed you here. Shucks!!! This is super weird and doesn´t feel real at all. Who would´ve ever thought that I´d be sitting here writing a message for your funeral. I can´t stop bawling, this sucks BIG TIME!! I hate this, but I know that God is our LOVING Heavenly Father and that He has created a plan for us. He loves us more than we will ever know, more than we could ever understand. Death sucks, but its an important part of this plan. But death is NOT the end. It is the hardest part, but it is NOT the end. We can rejoice in this knowledge. Our loving Heavenly Father will help us through it - ALWAYS! He NEVER gives us trials we cannot overcome with His help. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ our Saviour, Redeemer and brother we will be strengthened. All we need to do is go to Him. We must have faith in His name, faith in Him. I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can be with our families for eternity! I know this with my whole heart. Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Father´s plan. I wouldn´t be out here if I didn´t believe it. If it wasn´t real then these 18 months would be a waste of time. I know that I will see you again so that you can listen to my gay stories like always and then wait for me to finish so you can lecture me hahaha. You and Mannia, always. I have so much to say but maybe I shouldn´t share everything LOL. It can wait for when we meet again at Jesus´ feet. 

I am so grateful for the memories that I have of us because I know that I can think of them and feel like you´re with me. Like the time when Luaina made all us kids try and do an add for her magic muffins hahaha. Before Youtube huh? LOL. Ah I miss you! I am BLESSED far beyond measure to have had a brother like you to share my 23 years of life with. You wil NEVER be forgotten, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! See you on the flip side Vato! hahaha. I´m doing this for us - FAMILIA! LOL. I love you, Te quiero mucho!!!

Seta, Taula'i, Elain, Lia, SJ and Sina: Be strong, Eddie wouldn´t want you to be sad. He is so loving and will always be remembered for the love that he had for EVERYONE! Smile because this is not the end, its only the beginning. He is waiting for us on the other side. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH... SEE YOU IN 18!!!


Hermana Esther Loli xoxoxo¨

Photos of arriving in El Salvador

Photos of Hermana Loli's intake's first day in El Salvador!
Middle pic is taken in front of the El Salvador Temple! 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

First Area - Autuxtepeque!!!

Hola yáll, how are you all? Anyways, DRUM ROLL... My mission mama es Hermana Kava de Hawaii, she’s half Tongan quarter Italian and quarter Spanish. She’s 6 months old in the mish but she’s boss! She’s 20 years old and she kinda reminds me of Zunny and Janelle in one. She’s super fun and we get work done!

So, I´m in Autuxtepeque Barrio (ward) and Cuscatlán Estaca (stake). My ward is friendly as and everyone is totally understanding. They all help me out bigtime. OMG, one family when we went there for lunch for the first time had balloons all in the house and a sign saying WELCOME HERMANA LONI... like they got the name wrong but they’re so freaking cute... She (the sister in the house) was googling AUSTRALIAN FOOD to make lol. So nice. It’s not as povo as what I thought but it is povo here. It smells like Samoa and reminds me of it sometimes. It’s crazy! There are some roads that we´re not allowed to go near.  I’m guessing its peligroso (dangerous) but everyone/thing Ive seen so far is medium. SO I’m in the same zone as 2 of my CCM siblings. Same district as Elder Osiek and we´re in the same zone as Hermana Larsen.

Anyways, so ma-ness cos we had our 1st zone meeting on Thursday (every Thursday) in Mejicano (where Larsen is) and we all needed to get up and introduce ourselves. Our name, country and what animal we would be if we could be an animal. So I get up and introduce myself and then say that I would wanna be a snake. Nek minnit, the whole zone is cracking up. Then I remember that Elder Schappell (My DL) told me the day before when we were proselyting that they have a code name for guys/girls that try and tempt you from the work, like temptresses. The call them snakes... hahahahaha! I was like OH CRAP. But I just laughed and said YEAH DIFERENTE SERPENT and everyone was just cracking up and hi-5ing me. 
It’s cool. My zones chill. After that we caught a bus back to our area and it was pouring like no tomorrow. Got so soaked but I loved it. It was like rain in Samoa, heavy as. Also they use American dollars here so that’s cool. Hermana Kava was mission born in this area and so she’s been here the whole 6 months. We ate pupusas and I’m in love. Sah good yes! The members are the best and so are the investigators. Everyone is so inviting and this ward has a rostere for us for lunch and dinner. Weird though at the CCM they told us we can’t eat at members’ houses or side shops. Ive done both since being here. But the missionaries here in the field said that everyone gets sick at least once. I’ll be okay though. I’m good. Omg also, they have a Wal-Mart in our area. We´re lucky cos noone else does in this mission lol except the nurse and her comp, the APs and office elders cos they’re in the city, I think. But yeah, it’s crazy being on the other side now. Missionaries really aren’t perfect, they’re just normal people. It’s crazy. I CANT BELIEVE IT MOST TIMES! I’M A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!

Look up this song: Glorioso - David Archuletta but it’s a cover of three girls I think their names are Eleni. Such a nice and uplifting song. Spiritual as. Also, one of the investigators Javier said yes to baptism for the 23 de Mayo... omg. Crossing fingers and praying hard. The lessons are scary but I love it. I’m hoping Wendy accepts baptism but she needs to attend church one more time and we´re hoping we have a new investigator in Julissa who comes to our English classes on Saturdays. PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS!!! I seriously cannot believe that I’m a serving a mission right now. I love it, this work is real. AAAAHHHH!!! IT’S BOMB AS!!!!

The church is true!  The gift of tongues is real! The scriptures are THE words of God. Heed the words of the Prophet; he is the messenger of God. HELP THE MISSIONARIES; they are the servants of the most high! I love you guys so much it’s unfathomable!!!! I love the work more than life!!! SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES ON SUNDAYYYY!!!!! ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DADDYYYY!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFEEEEEE.... 

Con amor, Hermana Loli!

- Happy Birthday Julie, you are an amazing, strong woman and deserve all the happiness in the world.

´´Obedience brings righteousness, Righteousness brings faith. Faith precedes the miracle´´


´´It’s better to PREPARE and PREVENT than to REPAIR and REPENT! ´´

Chivo = cool or Que chivo = that’s cool.

OKAY, Don’t miss me, I got work to do. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!!!!! HERMANA LOLI xoxoxoxo