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Hey. I miss yous! Whats been happening? And so... this week was interesting... I ordered a pizza over the phone and it was supposed to be a normal pizza, but this is what happened. Hahaha! So yeah, my Spanish obviously isn´t quite there yet BUT all good in the hood. It will come, I have faith. And I know that it will come.

So this week... when we walked down the road, we walked past a taxi stand. And one of the less active members works there. While they wait for business they just hang out right. But we see him with a smoke in his hand. OMG! We walk over and he puts it out. Then, his friend Kevin, who is hektik and we want to teach him, comes over and says ...¨he has more in the car hermanas¨ so then we go and get the packet (Wagner wanted to flush them down the toilet but I told her the sewage isn't that great so we just put them in the gutter) so we machete´d them. Like it was a good lesson, I was like nearly in tears telling him that he needs to be an example to his son and when he was baptised he made a covenant with God, and these things aren't jokes. You can't just play with these promises that we make with God. It makes me sad man. Honestly. 

We also had a night in Texas where we did a line dance and we had 12 investigators come. It was great! The youth in this ward are heaps supportive and there are so many of them. I just love this ward and how supportive they are!!! We got a new ward mission leader, Hermano Urrutia. So this will be exciting. Yesterday we went on divisions with the Molina sisters, I went with Melissa (the one that reminds me of Lulu) and Wagner went with Passely. It was cool because the ward are just really excited to work with us.
Sorry I am like rushing my stories and putting them all in one. But I need to go, no time you know. But I love you all, I love the work, THE CHURCH IS TRUE, and I am more than blessed to be here serving the Lord and being a respresentative of Jesus Christ.
I love you guys. Do your part, support the missionaries, work with them, they need you. Every member a missionary! This is a war we are in, the time is now, we need to choose which side we are on and there are only two sides, dont be a fence sitter!
FAITH IS ACTION... Be an example. I love you all so much! Until next Monday!

Dont miss me too much, Ive got work to do!

Hermana Loli 
Happy birthday to my first son Hyrum. I love you baby!
Happy birthday to Calum, I KNOW YOU MISS ME! I miss you!!!!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Temples & Gangs #ThugLife

Hahaha, yes the title of this email is a little off... PERO! There is a story behind it...

So we got to go to the temple on Wednesday... YAAAAAAAY! It was so good because I was missing the temple so bad. It was extra chivo because it was my wards temple day as well (Ayutuxtepeque)... So all the ladies were there, and the youth and the Priesthood. Well duh, all the ward hahaha. But anyways, it was cool because we did a session with Zone Layco, and that’s the Zone that Elder Fiu's in. So got to see him, yay! Apart from that I just loved it all, so spiritual.
So great! And then because it was the last session when we came out it was dark and we got to see the temple lit up #beautiful! But sucks cos it was so dangerous to get home which was lucky for us though because our ward was there and so Hermana Navy took us home, cos she's also our neighbour. Anyways, so that was the temple.

Thursday we were supposed to have interviews with President, but then like 15 minutes before he cancelled on us lol. So pheeew! Nah kidding, I wanted an interview. Anyways, now for the gangstahs……….

So, me and Wagner have been really looking for the MARCs (less actives) in our ward and we've been working alot in San Pedro (the ridgeway of the area)... so we get to this one pasaje (street kinda thing) and we see this young kid putting shoes on his roof and we ask him if he needs help and if he knew La familia Campos... he tries to help us but we get nowhere so then we just start talking to him and contacting him. Then 2 of his friends come out of the house... they're all about 17-22ish so we don't think anything of it. And if it was something sketch the spirit would have told us. So we continue to teach and 2 more of their friends come over. So we start teaching them as well and we think they're really cool and get a return date. So when we go back the next day, there’s 2 new friends. One of the new boys that we meet has tattoos and earrings (and here in El Salvador that’s a big sign of a gang member) but the thing is, they were really receptive to our message and were heaps friendly. But when we ask them how many friends they have because there’s always new ones they tell us there are about 30 of them and they have “reunions” here at this house hahaha!  I just look at Wagner and we wrap it up.

The thing is, the gangs have alot of respect for missionaries so we weren't scared but the thing is, we don't know if we're allowed to teach them. So when we ask Elder Monsen (District Leader) he says it’s fine unless we don’t feel right. So we haven't decided if we will continue teaching them or not. Because one of the member families that we have dinner with told us that it’s not dangerous to teach them because everybody deserves to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ but it’s just that there are alot of drive-bys and if we're there one day and the opposition come by then there could be a problem. But ni modo... we're seriously protected. 

This country is heaps sad though, we don't watch the news so we don't know what’s going on but just through the people that we meet everyday you can tell that this country is going through something. Like when we ask to pray with them, we ask if there is something specific they almost always say "paz por este pais" or "por mi pais" which is peace for this country or for my country. So I feel for these people, I love them so much! I love this country so much! It’s so crazy how much I love it. The things that they go through, it’s so sad. But the people are just so polite, that have nothing but they are so giving. It’s so true about poor people, they are so humble, they give what they don’t have. But yeah, that’s the story of my country El Salvador.

I am pretty sure that when the Saviour visited the Americas here came here... I am 99% sure lol #Biased hahaha. Nah but seriously because the direct translation of "EL SALVADOR" is "THE SAVIOUR" y entonces, I think I'm right lol. No but seriously this is the best, the mission is the best!!!

Oh and Kevin, our 20 year old investigator, he is so shy and is starting to open up to us... really slowly but we are getting there. Lol, the other night we took my uke (her name is Linda) and I sung "hey boy - fiji" before our lesson lol he really liked it and I told him I will teach him because he needs a hobby. His desafio right now is playing soccer on Sundays and so we think if we get him another hobby, he will come to church more often. *crosses fingers*

La familia Melara... *sighs* I just wish they knew how much I loved them. SO SAD, I like cried myself to sleep. They didn't come to church because they had a birthday but that’s not why I was sad. I was sad because when we asked them how they liked church... Sonia says "bien diferent, bien diferente"... and just kept saying that. Like it’s really different, really different. So I don’t think it was a positive "really different" either but I am hoping, praying, wishing that they just come back one more time and I know they will feel different. I KNOW IT! But I love them so much! You don't understand. So weird, you just meet these people and you have so much love for them it’s crazy!!!! But I won't give up on them, I know they will have an eternal family. We just need to keep praying and praying. FAITH AND WORKS.

Anyways, I love you guys so much. Everyday I learn more and more about the Saviour and His love for me. The Atonement is so wonderful, so beautiful... and I don't think you can ever fully understand it, but even just a little understanding of it, it will CHANGE your life. Oh woops, forgot... We are also teaching this 50+ year old man named Hector who has alcohol problems... but he has been going to AA. And tells us that he wants to change but he doesn’t want us to think he is a liar and so he just opened up to us telling us that when he organises his mind, he will get baptised because he believes it. He just needs to fix his life. Mahn, I testified and bawled hard in that lesson. He is so wonderful. I wish I could put faces to these names for you guys, but can't take my camera places. Grrrrr! That thug life though... no wonder I got called here. I was made for this gangstas paradise bwahahahaha! But anyways, tell my homeboys Poasa and Syd I said Holllaaaa... Nah, seriously, tell them I miss them so much!!!! I freaking miss them so much... faggots didn’t give me enough letters to last. I read them ATLEAST once a week. So I kinda know them off by heart. I pray for my brothers more than anything. Alot of the people that I meet, remind me of either one or the other. Freaaaak! I love those two. If only I could carry them in my suitcase... but nah, this place is too dangerous for them. Only made for thugs like me hahahaha just kidding. But yeah, I love you guys forever. I gotta go. But I will talk to yáll on Monday otra vez!!! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!

Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do!

Hermana Loli

PS, I HIT 5 MONTHS TOMORROW.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pss, still working on the package mumma, its stuck in customs. but dont worry too much.

PSSS, I know what date I get home hahahaha #baggy... LEATAS WEDDING AGHHHHH LOL. I LOVE YOU LEATAAAAAAA!  hahahahaha

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

El Salvador Temple by Night

Image result for El Salvador Temple by night

Exact Obedience Brings MIRACLES!!!!

Hi my beautiful family...

Man I miss you guys! So today is P-day... It’s boring... I just wanna go and work... or maybe nap. Not sure which one yet LMAO! But yeah, the mission is good. I am better now, no longer dying. So that’s a good thing right?!

Quick story, after we emailed last week we went to Papa Johns to eat. And Carlos (the gay waiter) comes out and is like "hola, como esta?" with a real excited tone... and kisses me hello... omg my zone were all just watching in awe hahaha. Then after they’re like, "Hermana you can’t do that?” And I was like "Do I look stupid? I know this fools!" But there was nothing I could do lmao. My district leader just kept laughing.

Anyways, I have the best news...

My family, La familia Melara... THEY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY... OMG I DIED... I actually cried later lol... And Kevin one of our new investigadores came to church too. AHHHH MIRACLES!!!

We also had 5 less active families come... The ward was so amazed bcos these families hadn’t been to church for like 3 or 4 years. And La familia Molina (the family that reminds me of us) just kept saying how great it was and that our work is so beautiful (it makes more sense in Spanish)... pues si, the work is beautiful, not our work but missionary work. I love this work so much and even though the language is annoying, I know it’s coming along. Slowly,  but surely... I love it all!

What else happened this week? Well apart from our goal to baptise this family, I don’t know what else. That family is my goal right now. I want them to be together forever. I always want to cry when I see them. They are just the greatest... Ahhh! 

So my area is kinda 2 parts... kinda like, for example... Bay Road and the Ridgeway... So there is La Gloria and San Pedro... La Gloria is all the "richer" people and San Pedro is the slums... So alot of our less actives live in San Pedro and we think the reason why they stop coming is bcos of the separation of the classes... Anyway we are trying to fix that problem right now. It’s weird bcos San Pedro is poor, poor poor... like poorer than I have ever seen before but I actually prefer it down there. They are heaps humble and so I think that’s why I love it. It’s such a trek to get down and up from there but I still love it. Except this week the sun has been really strong and so I am blacker than black right now... I was before but more now... crazy!

Anyways sorry this week’s email is so boring... No exciting stories except for the normal gangsters... MS13 and 18's that you run into randomly on the street and have to cross the road without being obvious to avoid them hahahaha. But apart from that, we all good. It’s weird but everyone carries a gun, like all the vigilantes but you just get so use to it you don’t think twice... I can’t even remember what it was like before hahaha... those ones J.

But yeah, please pray for my family... La familia Melara... I just want them to know the truth and come unto Christ... 

Thanks for all your support and love and prayers. I love you guys so much. WORK WITH THE MISSIONARIES!!!! THEY NEED YOU.... Also, I GET TO GO INSIDE THE TEMPLE TOMORROW... MY FIRST TIME HERE IN EL SALVADOR... I AM SO EXCITEDDD... and that’s all.

I love missionary work, I love the people here. I know God lives and loves me and is always protecting me here... I know that as we are obedient we will be protected and see miracles. Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles. I LOVE YOU GUYS. BE GOOD. My times over but I love you....


Hermana Loli

Don’t miss me too much I’ve got work to do

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

SHOUTOUTS!!! Sent on 18AUG15:

Image result for happy birthday in spanish
Happy birthday Janelle,
I got your letter this week YAAAAYYYY.
I will write back as soon as I can...LOVE YOU!

Happy birthday Uncle Lui, I LOVE YOU HEAPS...
Thanks for always letting me crash at Doony
and picking me up and dropping me at the station...


"I used to wonder why does Dad pray so long?".....


The work is so great! Have I told you how much I love being a missionary? And how much I would have regretted it if I didn't come out to serve? I love it so much! It is the greatest thing that I could ever do and I am so grateful, so thankful, so blessed to have been called to serve.

This week I have only heard from Mum and Leata but that’s okay, as long as I get an email from my Mum, I am okay.

This mission is different from all the others but its THE BEST IN THE WORLD... No joke. Probably because of us missionaries... hahahaha #Humble

THE EXCITING NEWS THAT I HAVE IS I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE ON TUESDAY... YESSSSSSS!!!!! It will be my first time in the El Salvador templo. I am so damn excited!

Time goes so fast... I don’t like it. Like, yeah I want it to hurry up because I miss you guys a ton! But the feeling that I have as a missionary, is the best... there are no words to describe this feeling. To have the companionship of the spirit all the time, to feel the presence of angels, to feel such a great protection.... We, as missionaries, are so protected. We are legit messengers of God, representatives of Jesucristo! I love it love it love it!

Sounds like Eternity is having a blast in Samoa. Tell her to take care of her body. Them mozzie bites are DREADFUL... TRUST ME, I KNOW... This country is ten times worse than Samoa. I’m pretty sure I had chikingunya or dengue or something. But I’m better now, thank goodness. But tell Eternity to sleep in her net. Ha-ha funny story our mission got in trouble from Sis Hintze (Mission President’s wife) cos heaps of misioneros have been getting dengue, chikingunya or sers... this new disease and its bcos they haven’t been sleeping under their nets. So it is a rule, or as my prez would say... it’s a commandment.

Yeah, my soa is cool. Like obviously you can never get along with someone one hundred per cent... like me and kava fought all the time but i love her to death... but yes Sister Wagner is cool. We are doing so much work, and I love it.

So funny cos I used to wonder why Dad prays so long... lol but my prayers in the morning and night are like 2 hours long. Hahahaha I am my Fathers daughter I guess lol.

It’s so crazy cos when you hear from missionaries you never hear about their struggles with the language... Every day I know I’m improving but it’s a learning process. It’s hard though, I aint gonna lie, but with God all things are possible. He never gives us a commandment that he hasn’t already prepared a way for us to accomplish it with. 1 Nefi 3:7...

Whats happening with Lafoga? Is he okay? Freaaaak! Let me know please. And send my love to the Mailatas, I will pray for them. I always do anyway. I love you guys so much. Tell everyone I love them. I love you Mumma, SO MUCH HEAPS AND HEAPS. SEND MY LOVE TO MY DADDY. I LOVE YOU GUYS MORE THAN WORDS CAN EXPLAIN. Keep it real. And remember - Do your part and our Lord will do His

I love you always,

Hermana Loli

Don’t miss me too much, I’ve got work to do!~


Ok so I got this message today from Hermana Loli

(Excerpt from my email)...

First off, SNOB!
Secondly, HOW IS MY BLOG?
One of my members told me that the last post you put up was the 10th... umm you suck!!!

But I love you and I miss you. What's new? Sorry, mission life is busy. No time for anything but saving lives. Lol! 

Sooo yes ... I must admit my other job has taken up alot of my time. But I have made a resolution to make sure this doesn't happen again.... so keep your hats on folks cause to KICK START .... I will be updating you with a new message everyday from Herman Loli EVERYDAY for the next 4 days!!! (Cause that's what I need to do to catch up) hehe.... 

Keep your eyes peeled!!!! 

Monday, 10 August 2015

I love this country xx

Hey Everyone,

Yeah I miss you guys A LOT! But I love it here so much!!! I think... no, I know that I made the right decision to serve. Do you remember how long it took for me to get out here? How much work we put in for this? Lol! I almost gave up there and I am so glad that I didn't. Thank you for supporting me throughout it all. I pray for you guys all the time. Like every second. How are the kids? I miss my kids :( That is one rule that I hate out here, is not being able to hold kids. If I could change one rule then that would be it. 

Hows Hyrum? Mosiah? Juanita? Soloai? Hans? Aurora? Evotia? Do you guys ever see Aurora's brother? How are the Seupules? I think about them ALL the time as well. Sometimes when I pray I ask Heavenly Father if he'll let me see Eddie or speak to him or something. Maybe before I end my mission. I'll keep the faith that he will let me before I've done my time.

So this past week has been bad. I have been like legit dying in my bed. I felt so bad for my *soa cos I was just dead. So I had to take tests and I got my results. I have H.Pylori or something like that. It's bacteria and parasites in my stomach. Or something like that. So the area doctor has prescribed me with meds that I will go and buy today. The night it hit me was bad, but I am fine now. I came down with a fever of 104 Fahrenheit... I don't know what that is in Celsius... I think 40 or something. But I am okay now. I get like really bad sharp pains sometimes but its fine. 

I can’t believe how fast time goes. Its crazy. I hit 5 months this week... and I wish time would just go slower. This mission thing is what I was made for. The language is a trial but it is coming. Everyday I can see improvements. And I love it. The members are THE BEST! And I think it makes it all better. There is this one family, La familia Molina, that remind me so much of our family.

How is Luaina and her babies? Omg** Evotia, I just want to steal her!!! If only this wasn't such a dangerous country, I would tell you guys to bring her to me hahaha.

Tell my brothers I miss them. And I don’t mind if they don’t write, they wrote me letters for days lol. I love those two. Tell them the "streets" there are nothing compared to here. This is real, the struggle is real here 110%... the army are everywhere, the other day we were proselyting and they were patting down some MS18 members... it was crazy!! But tell them they aint got nothing to worry about... Cos I’m straight G hahahaha lucky they sent me here huh? Cos I was made for the streetz BWAHAHAHAHA... anyways, I have legit lost my Samoan so can you write to me in Samoan and then English as well so I can remember what it’s like hahhaha freak'n Spanish...

I love this country and I would come back to visit, but probably with my husband and not for long.

The work is progressing! My companions and I have been visiting alot of less actives which is good because there are A LOT! And I feel like we are going to see alot of changes, alot of miracles. My family, they are progressing. Ahh I just love them so much. Well Sonia had dengue and then had an operation so they couldn't come to church on Sunday but they will this Sunday. And they have a baptismal date for the 22 de Agosto! And so fingers crossed!!

Anyway Mumma, I miss you so much! I love you A LOT.... Tell my Daddy I love him. Kiss my babies! My 7! I love you all. Send everyone my love. 


Hermana Loli


Happy birthday to my Juanis... (Ill write their own emails)

 Χρόνια Πολλά Άλεξ (Happy birthday to Alex (Platirahos))... Hope that's right! Might be a little mixed cause you know - English, Samoan, Spanish and now Greek! Lol! 

Happy birthday to Aunty Peti, I miss you always shouting at me when I come to Doony hahahaha!

Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do xx 

Abi, she reminds me of Uai, they're the same age and she loves minions!!!
Santiago, he's such a cutie
One of our recent converts

*soa - Samoan for companion
** Omg - Oh my goodness J

My new Companion!! Comp #2

Hey party people!

So I know you are all excited to know who my new comp is... Hermana Wagner and she is from Texas. She was born in Mexico because her dad is from there (a part of the Mormon colonies) so that’s pretty cool. Her Spanish is AWESOME and it’s great because I need that help. BIGTIME!!! So this week was super cool, got to meet alot of inactives who just need Jesus. And work has just been WORK. I love it!

I still miss Kava HEAPS! And when I opened my emails just before I had received 15 emails from her so obviously she missed me too lol! But we'll be comps again in Belize. President told us jajaja, vamos a ver... But yes, this week has been good.

We started teaching this 15 year old boy named Christopher (in English because that’s what he asked), long story short his parents were members and something happened where they were offended by the church and didn't want anything to do with it anymore. So yesterday when we passed by, the Dad comes out and yells at us to never come back and to be honest I couldn't understand it, all I could see was that he was mad. Lol! But we were with a member and so he kinda broke it down to us. So it’s sad because I'm sure Christopher would've been baptised... maybe in a few years... Just planting seeds ya know? 

We also met a gang member lol spoke fluent English, reminded me of vato locos lol for real, the way he dressed and his tatts. He was saying how he wants to follow Jesus and how he needed to be in jail to teach his brothers there and to push them up. Hahaha! It was super crazy, but heaps funny. Every day is different and just as interesting as the next. 

I love it here, and sorry I am writing so late. The buses won’t be going for 3 days because the gangs blew up 6 buses and people died and so they've

 stopped buses for 3 days so we needed to find a member to bring us here to write. This country is crazy but I love it. My new companion is heaps focused. Which is good for me, we only talk about mission things. You know, this is work... you only talk about work. So it’s awesome. 

Well I love you all, sorry it’s short. But always remember that if we are doing what we need to be doing and making all the right decisions, that our Heavenly Father will provide us with whatever we NEED. He is bound if we do what He says but if we don't, our promise is broken. He loves us SOOOO MUUUUCHHHH! We owe it to Him to be obedient. We owe it to ourselves. One more thing, tell my brothers I miss them. I really do. I love them so much. Send them my love, and my Daddy too. I miss you guys. I love you all so muchhh!!! SEND ME PHOTOS DANGIT... for the last time lol!

Stay safe, stay healthy... I love you all!!!

Hermana Loli