Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Ok so I got this message today from Hermana Loli

(Excerpt from my email)...

First off, SNOB!
Secondly, HOW IS MY BLOG?
One of my members told me that the last post you put up was the 10th... umm you suck!!!

But I love you and I miss you. What's new? Sorry, mission life is busy. No time for anything but saving lives. Lol! 

Sooo yes ... I must admit my other job has taken up alot of my time. But I have made a resolution to make sure this doesn't happen again.... so keep your hats on folks cause to KICK START .... I will be updating you with a new message everyday from Herman Loli EVERYDAY for the next 4 days!!! (Cause that's what I need to do to catch up) hehe.... 

Keep your eyes peeled!!!! 

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