Saturday, 13 September 2014


Sister Lowe (Melbourne) & Sister Cho (San Fransisco), we got two new missionaries. I got to meet them today. I love missionaries!

Monday, 8 September 2014


After a bitter sweet weekend... My Monday came. Oh how I love Mondays. It's like an extension of Sunday... like a Sunday part two (in regards to being spiritually uplifted that is). I heard from all my magnificent missionaries and I replied. MISSIONARY MAIL MAKE MY MONDAYS MAGNIFICENTLY MARVELOUS. The weekend that was, was awesome. We had Newcastle Stake Conference and the theme for the weekend was *drum rolls*... 

Hastening the Work of Salvation!

So I say bitter sweet because apart from it being such a spiritual weekend, my sister, my tokouso Sister Kale was transferred. She has been in our ward since she came out onto the field and I love her like she is my blood sister. I haven't cried that way in so long and I was so sad to be saying good bye but I was also so happy for her, that she'll be going to a new area and teaching new people, preaching the Gospel to others and touching peoples hearts with her testimony. She is such an amazing missionary and I seriously am so excited for her, it was just so sad saying good bye. Or see you later. I miss her. So Sunday I was surrounded by sister missionaries and it was way too cool. Being amongst all of that made me want to serve even more. Missionaries are amazing and I have so much respect for them. They are the Lord's hands here on the earth. How blessed are they!

L - R: Sister Stanbury (England), Sister
Kale (Tonga), Sister Beria (Kiribati) &
Sister Utuone (Utah)

I learned so much from the conference. Well to be honest, everything that was said, I kinda already knew, but I needed the reminder - BIGTIME!. The speakers were so intuned with the spirit, it made it easier to listen. I know that I must be better, try harder to seize every opportunity to spread the Gospel and live like I believe. I need to be an example to those around me because the best testimony that you can share is the way you live your life. People are always watching. Live like you believe!

At the Saturday evening conference, my sisters and I sung hymn #335 "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy" acapella for the intermediate hymn. The fastest way for me to feel the spirit is through music. I was so touched the Presidency asked us to sing. One of the brethren who spoke Saturday night mentioned when he was serving his mission their motto was to live life without fear. They used that as their motto because his favourite artist is Biggie Smalls hahahaha. That cracked me up... But seriously, let your faith be stronger than your fear and you have nothing to worry about.

I just want to say that I love the Gospel with all of my heart, no more... no less. It is my life!

Sister Loli ;-)
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Some days I feel so down and unsure of myself. But then I think about others who have life way harder than mine and I get over myself. But on those down days I can’t seem to look up. You wouldn’t know, but I have been having lots and lots of down days as of late and I am just hating life. But then... Monday’s come and I am all of sudden on top of life again!!! Well Monday's for some are the worst day of the week but let me tell you a little about my Monday’s and why I love them so... Most members call Monday’s “Missionary Monday” because they are the days that their missionary family and friends email home. I look forward to this day for spiritual upliftment and encouragement to keep on the path of righteousness. But also to remind me of my purpose. I love to hear how my missionaries are going and if they are safe. But most of all, I love to read about their experiences and being able to tell by their emails how much they are growing spiritually. I love it, I love it all! I am usually quite fast in my replies to these missionaries but I have to admit I have been really slack the last 3 weeks. I’ll try and write today but if I don’t get around to it then next week for sure. It makes me want to serve so bad, I have such a craving to preach the Gospel and I want the world to know of the truthfulness of the Gospel. I know that a lot of people also believe that their beliefs are the truth or maybe they’re too comfortable in their ways or values. But I think if people just challenge themselves to listen with an open heart and open mind that they will feel that it is truth, that the spirit will testify to them! These things I want to share with others, I mean if you find out something good don’t you go and tell your family and friends about it? Good tidings are meant to be shared with all who will listen. That is what I want to do. I want to tell everybody of the truth, that Christ lives and loves us. He died so that we could live again. Death is NOT the end, it is genesis. If there is one thing that I am passionate about, it is my religion. I can say that I would honestly die for my faith, my religion, what is true. I am so proud of my loved ones who are currently serving full-time missions and preaching the Gospel to those who need to hear it. The list below are some of my family and friends who are serving... I don't have the places for all of them but I will find out and update the list. 

  • Sister Laila Purcell – New Zealand Auckland Mission 
  • Sister Jodie Taylor – New Zealand Auckland Mission 
  • Elder J’orel Key – Australia Melbourne Mission 
  • Sister Corinne Key – New Zealand Hamilton Mission 
  • Elder Matthew Hodge – Tokyo South Japan Mission 
  • Elder Zachary Hodge - Philippines Naga Mission 
  • Sister Marlies Hammerl – Seoul South Korea Mission 
  • Sister Margaret Amituanai – Seoul South Korea Mission 
  • Sister Pule Amituanai – Japan Tokyo Mission 
  • Sister Tasi Fuamatu – Zambia Lusaka Mission 
  • Sister Maryann Utai – Australia Brisbane Mission 
  • Sister Khadijah Purcell – Seoul South Korea Mission 
  • Elder Malakai Alovili – New Zealand Wellington Mission 
  • Sister Tiperia Magalogo – New Zealand Auckland Mission 
  • Elder Jonathon Faustini – Tonga Nuku’alofa Mission 
  • Elder Moefili Pinono – New Zealand Auckland Mission 
  • Elder Damien Fleming – Australia Adelaide Mission 
  • Sister Jennifer Fuggle – Japan Tokyo Mission 
  • Sister Samantha Fuggle – Philippines Olongapo Mission 
  • Sister Hannah Bartlett – Canada Vancouver Mission 
  • Elder Anthony Te Rangi – Australia Perth Mission 
  • Elder Tyrone Brown – 
  • Sister Tatiana Brown – 
  • Sister Laleaga Faleono – 
  • Elder Mahonri Faleono – 
  • Sister Keiana Watene-Zelezniak – New Zealand Wellington Mission 
  • Elder Eddie Faingataa – England London Mission 
  • Elder Benson Fakai – Phillipines ? Mission
  • Sister Anna Mateaki Palu – Australia Melbourne Mission
  • Sister Mia Palu – New Zealand Auckland Mission
  • Elder Fitisemanu Apulu – Australia Melbourne Mission

The work of the Lord is progressing and I want to be in and amongst it all, I want to be a part of this great work. I know that I have been getting discouraged a lot and I'm always asking why I'm not on my mission... but I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and that there are so many reasons why I am not on my mission. My mumma always says: 

"We only see one tree, but God sees the whole forest"
She always knows what to say. So I will wait, be patient and have a good attitude while waiting. My mission call will come when it comes, when it is meant to come. I need to have faith.

I am going to be better and try harder. Oh and one more thing... I started temple prep classes on Sunday. Winning! I am overjoyed that I can attend with my best friend and only baby sister Eternity. We're in it together, just the two of us and I love it.

Sister Loli ;-)