Monday, 31 August 2015



Hey. I miss yous! Whats been happening? And so... this week was interesting... I ordered a pizza over the phone and it was supposed to be a normal pizza, but this is what happened. Hahaha! So yeah, my Spanish obviously isn´t quite there yet BUT all good in the hood. It will come, I have faith. And I know that it will come.

So this week... when we walked down the road, we walked past a taxi stand. And one of the less active members works there. While they wait for business they just hang out right. But we see him with a smoke in his hand. OMG! We walk over and he puts it out. Then, his friend Kevin, who is hektik and we want to teach him, comes over and says ...¨he has more in the car hermanas¨ so then we go and get the packet (Wagner wanted to flush them down the toilet but I told her the sewage isn't that great so we just put them in the gutter) so we machete´d them. Like it was a good lesson, I was like nearly in tears telling him that he needs to be an example to his son and when he was baptised he made a covenant with God, and these things aren't jokes. You can't just play with these promises that we make with God. It makes me sad man. Honestly. 

We also had a night in Texas where we did a line dance and we had 12 investigators come. It was great! The youth in this ward are heaps supportive and there are so many of them. I just love this ward and how supportive they are!!! We got a new ward mission leader, Hermano Urrutia. So this will be exciting. Yesterday we went on divisions with the Molina sisters, I went with Melissa (the one that reminds me of Lulu) and Wagner went with Passely. It was cool because the ward are just really excited to work with us.
Sorry I am like rushing my stories and putting them all in one. But I need to go, no time you know. But I love you all, I love the work, THE CHURCH IS TRUE, and I am more than blessed to be here serving the Lord and being a respresentative of Jesus Christ.
I love you guys. Do your part, support the missionaries, work with them, they need you. Every member a missionary! This is a war we are in, the time is now, we need to choose which side we are on and there are only two sides, dont be a fence sitter!
FAITH IS ACTION... Be an example. I love you all so much! Until next Monday!

Dont miss me too much, Ive got work to do!

Hermana Loli 
Happy birthday to my first son Hyrum. I love you baby!
Happy birthday to Calum, I KNOW YOU MISS ME! I miss you!!!!

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