Friday, 8 July 2016

A Letter For Mumma xx

Man I miss you Mumma. I am really sad to have to come home BUT I am also so very excited to embrace you!!!!!


The mission has taught me so much Mumma. The Gospel is so PERFECT. We are NOT! But if we heed to the teachings of the Gospel we can be... as much as we can be in this life anyway. This is preparation for the next life and so I know that we can try our hardest to do all that we can... Mumma!


I love the mission with all of my heart, the people that I have met here, the converts I have helped to receive that salvation, the eternal friendships that I have made... I am going to miss it all but I am so BLESSED and so GRATEFUL to have this opportunity! I know that my life would have been incomplete without it. Thank you so much Mumma for being the perfect example for me. Everyone I meet always tell me to thank my parents, especially my Mum for raising such a beautiful woman. THANKS SO MUCH MUMMA!!!! I LOVE YOU. I would be nothing without you, being born and raised in the Gospel has been the perfect gift.


The Atonement is so real, I am not proud of the things that I have done in the past BUT I am blessed to know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ purifies all things. It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done... Jesus Christ made a sacrifice for us so that we can have that exaltation and be saved... I am so grateful for the Priesthood keys that have been restored to us through a true servant of God, Joseph Smith. He restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of the ordinances that Jesus Christ established His church with when He walked the earth. This Gospel is PERFECT and if we want true and everlasting happiness in this life then we need to LIVE the Gospel not just know it BUT LIVE IT!!!!!


But Mumma, I love the mission. The island has its temptations but I'm stronger than that... I am called of God to represent Jesus Christ. Don't worry about me, I got this!!!


Also, I forgot to tell you earlier BUT we sister missionaries have been approved to wear pants... HEKTIK TRUE??? It’s ‘cos of all the deadly mosquito diseases going on and so the First Presidency has approved it... #YEAHHHHBOYYYYY... and so as we speak … Sister Alden is making me and Sister Scott's... She's the bomb dot com!!! I love the Alden's...


Hmm, what else? Well we are throwing fire over here... DOING WORK #gettingitdone... Also we are celebrating America Day today... so exciting... HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY AMERICA!!!!


Well Mumma, I love you... Kiss my Daddy for me. Tell my sisters I say hey and I miss them... Hug my brothers for me and kiss my 7 wonders.... I LOVE YOU MUMMA MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!!!!!! Don't worry too much about me, I'm working and working hard... work work work work work work work hahaha! I LOVE YOU!!.... Until next week!


Sistah Loli xx


PS. BOY DO I LOVE MY MISSIONNNNN!!! I know that if people choose to go they will NEVER regret a mission ... NEVER!!!


Don’t miss me too much, I’ve got work to do!!!