Monday, 10 August 2015

I love this country xx

Hey Everyone,

Yeah I miss you guys A LOT! But I love it here so much!!! I think... no, I know that I made the right decision to serve. Do you remember how long it took for me to get out here? How much work we put in for this? Lol! I almost gave up there and I am so glad that I didn't. Thank you for supporting me throughout it all. I pray for you guys all the time. Like every second. How are the kids? I miss my kids :( That is one rule that I hate out here, is not being able to hold kids. If I could change one rule then that would be it. 

Hows Hyrum? Mosiah? Juanita? Soloai? Hans? Aurora? Evotia? Do you guys ever see Aurora's brother? How are the Seupules? I think about them ALL the time as well. Sometimes when I pray I ask Heavenly Father if he'll let me see Eddie or speak to him or something. Maybe before I end my mission. I'll keep the faith that he will let me before I've done my time.

So this past week has been bad. I have been like legit dying in my bed. I felt so bad for my *soa cos I was just dead. So I had to take tests and I got my results. I have H.Pylori or something like that. It's bacteria and parasites in my stomach. Or something like that. So the area doctor has prescribed me with meds that I will go and buy today. The night it hit me was bad, but I am fine now. I came down with a fever of 104 Fahrenheit... I don't know what that is in Celsius... I think 40 or something. But I am okay now. I get like really bad sharp pains sometimes but its fine. 

I can’t believe how fast time goes. Its crazy. I hit 5 months this week... and I wish time would just go slower. This mission thing is what I was made for. The language is a trial but it is coming. Everyday I can see improvements. And I love it. The members are THE BEST! And I think it makes it all better. There is this one family, La familia Molina, that remind me so much of our family.

How is Luaina and her babies? Omg** Evotia, I just want to steal her!!! If only this wasn't such a dangerous country, I would tell you guys to bring her to me hahaha.

Tell my brothers I miss them. And I don’t mind if they don’t write, they wrote me letters for days lol. I love those two. Tell them the "streets" there are nothing compared to here. This is real, the struggle is real here 110%... the army are everywhere, the other day we were proselyting and they were patting down some MS18 members... it was crazy!! But tell them they aint got nothing to worry about... Cos I’m straight G hahahaha lucky they sent me here huh? Cos I was made for the streetz BWAHAHAHAHA... anyways, I have legit lost my Samoan so can you write to me in Samoan and then English as well so I can remember what it’s like hahhaha freak'n Spanish...

I love this country and I would come back to visit, but probably with my husband and not for long.

The work is progressing! My companions and I have been visiting alot of less actives which is good because there are A LOT! And I feel like we are going to see alot of changes, alot of miracles. My family, they are progressing. Ahh I just love them so much. Well Sonia had dengue and then had an operation so they couldn't come to church on Sunday but they will this Sunday. And they have a baptismal date for the 22 de Agosto! And so fingers crossed!!

Anyway Mumma, I miss you so much! I love you A LOT.... Tell my Daddy I love him. Kiss my babies! My 7! I love you all. Send everyone my love. 


Hermana Loli


Happy birthday to my Juanis... (Ill write their own emails)

 Χρόνια Πολλά Άλεξ (Happy birthday to Alex (Platirahos))... Hope that's right! Might be a little mixed cause you know - English, Samoan, Spanish and now Greek! Lol! 

Happy birthday to Aunty Peti, I miss you always shouting at me when I come to Doony hahahaha!

Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do xx 

Abi, she reminds me of Uai, they're the same age and she loves minions!!!
Santiago, he's such a cutie
One of our recent converts

*soa - Samoan for companion
** Omg - Oh my goodness J

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