Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Training Over!!!!

I'm a bit of an emotional wreck right now because Kava's gone. I said goodbye to Kava today and it was the WORST!  Okay, so been crying all week my eyes are fula. Hahahaha so embarrassing and I don’t know why because I’ll see her again. 

So all the assumptions were true, she flies out to Belize tomorrow morning and I have been crying all week. I'm a mess! I have no idea why and I'm still kinda crying lol... So ma-ness. I think it’s because I felt like I was saying goodbye to my sisters all over again. So it was really hard. Hated it and I miss her so much!

So at the moment I will be with the other sisters (Mejicano sisters) until Wednesday when I get my new companion. Super  nervous! But just pray for me.  Everyone thinks I will get a Latina and I think I will too. Nervous but I know that I need one because my Spanish needs to improve. Solo Dios sabe ¿verdad? 

I love the mission though con todo mi corazon, con todo mi alma. 

I love you guys so much. Sorry it’s not a great email, it’s a bit of a Debbie Downer today cos my mission mama is gone. But next week for real.


I’ll send some photos. 


La Hermana Loli

 CHRIS PIGOTT – Hope you have a fun Birthday with Nikki and Samson!!!
 and SISTER SOPO – I miss you so much and hope you are enjoying your post mission life!!!!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!! Can’t wait to see you straight after my mission!!! *wink wink*Hehehehe!

Don’t miss me too much, I’ve got work to do xxx

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