Thursday, 26 November 2015

I can't BELIZE itttttttttt...

Yuh beta BELIZE it... Yep I am in Belize!
So much has happened in this short week but I will try and tell you everything.

Okay so, after we wrote Monday we went and ate as a zone at Papa Johns. Como siempre. And we spent all day with Lucy because I love her and I knew it was my last Pday in Ayutuxtepeque. Omg, I'm like tearing up thinking about my beautiful Ayutuxtepeque :'( I miss it so much!  I have faith that I will go back.

So Tuesday was the multizona (thanksgiving) and it was great, we got to see errbody which is always good and to hear from our mission parents. I love them. Then, at the end Sister Hintze comes up to me and Lino and says "President wanted me to tell you two that you need to be at the office tomorrow at 6:30am with your suitcases because you are going to Belize." As soon as the words left her mouth, I bawled my eyes out. I was so sad. And she asks "Are you sad or happy?" because usually missionaries are happy to go to Belize right? Lol! WRONG! Hahahaha. So I went and told my zone and I went and told my companion and all my Latina girls and everyone starts crying.  And Sister Hintze is like "I shouldnt have told you until tonight because now everyone is crying" hahahaha! I was depressed to the days man! And then we find out that Maliga and Fiu are coming with us and we were pumped as! I was still kinda sad but stoked too that I was going with my Polys... except Sitani. But hes coming next change cos hes in the office. And we also got a new Poly Elder Kaufusi from Cali... Hes Linos cousin. And he'll be the only Poly in El Salvs when Sitani comes out to Belize.
So then anyways, Wednesday was Belize day and we spent all day in the office with everyone. I was so wasted cos all Tuesday night I was crying and packing. I didn't sleep. And saying goodbye to everyone was the most depressing thing of my life. I didn't even cry saying goodbye to you guys. But I bawled my eyebolos out saying goodbye to my lessactives, recent converts and investigators. It was the saddest thing that my little heart had to deal with. I MISS AYUTUXTEPEQUE!!!!!!!!!!!

And then anyways, trying to pack and keep under the weight limit was THE WORST... Also, the nurse died my hair... hahahahaha! It was hektik... and then at the airport I like bawled my eyes out cos we had permission to call home and all the gringos called and I called Samoa (auntys number) and noone answered. I tried 3 times and then after I went and lay down with my pillow and teddy bear that the fuentes family gave me and I cried cried cried.... but fiu couldnt talk either so I didnt feel that bad but still I just kept crying... Anyways.

I am in COROZAL and Belize is fairly new to the Gospel and so there are no wards here, only branches... But its an awesome country. Its all English, Creole, SPANGLISH! And I miss Spanish heaps. So I gotta go, I have more to say but got no time. I LOVE YOU GUYS! The church is true, and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Do work and be an example. I LOVE YOU GUYS HEAPS.

Sista Loli
Don't miss me too much! I've got work to do!!!
PS. So we can wear sunnies here #swag and I feel so hip man LOL. But riding bikes... juela maquina! Me and my comp lost eachother my second day here... It was crazy. My comp is Sister Hirsch from Texas... born and raised in Utah. Shes great I really love her.
Also... NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS... Sorry its so late but
okay i love you guys baibai


Monday, 23 November 2015


Yesterday Dulce* got bapstised!!! I kinda teared up cos... well I don't know baptisms are just beautiful things. Dulce is the hermana of Eduardo (our baptism from Sepptember). It was awesome to see her be baptised and I love their family so much!


Tomorrow we are having a multizona for Thanksgiving. The whole mission, menos Belice. But I am excited because I've never celebrated Thanksgiving before. I don't have a clue what it is... But we shall see. #Excited.

How cute is this... I tell my district that I'm 90% sure that I'm getting changed this change and they had a distrtict fast so that I won't get changed. Hahahaha! I fasted too, but it was just nice to know that I have friends ya know? Lol! But anyways... Its like a rollercoaster for me. Sometimes I wanna get changed and then sometimes I don't... Its like on the movie Tangled how Rapunzel's leaving the tower and she's so happy and then the next second she's crying because she doesn't wanna leave... Yeah these are my feelings at this present moment. I wanna know a new place and everything but I love my area and everyone in it. But no modo, just like the hymn... I'll go where He wants me to go, yeah? I know that whatever happens in life, is not by coincidence... NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE. Everything happens for a reason. Anyways... times up. I love you guys. Send my love to everyone and tell the Samoan people to buy me kalo chips and ies please? And maybe... more. Hahahaha! joking. 

 I love yous heaps!!!!

 Hermana Loli

 Don't miss me too much, I got work to do...

* = Dulce means SWEET in Spanish

Happy Birthday Zachary!!!! Hope you had an awesome birthday!!! :)
Happy Birthday Joan!!!  LOVE YOOOOOOOU!!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Excerpts from last weeks quick messages to my sisters x

Oh, I have like no time today because we are going hiking at a mountain thing... I know I know I am going to die! But we might be allowed to write later today and so if we are I will write a longer email and send photos.  Omg I love you! Send everyone my love. I love you so much. Send me photos!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND!!!!

Oh Uili! ... that is the SADDEST thing I have heard in a while. Man... hows Lele and Junior? Send my love to them if you see them. Does that mean noone from our family will be there for the funeral? Oh poor Alofa... and the boys! Aw man. Makes me wanna cry. Did you cry? I wouldve bawled my eyes out. Im such a sook these days so its normal.

Outside the Ayutuxtepeque Chapel

Aw man, I miss you guys. But when I think about coming home I get even more sad lol. And to think that these people that I have fallen so in love with, I had no idea existed 8 months ago... CRAZY!!! So we had interviews with President Thursday and he told me that its 99% sure that I am leaving my area, my second home AYUTUXTEPEQUE. I am so depressed. I feel like I'm leaving my home again and saying goodbye to my family.

Fatima Pineda

Ive already started saying my goodbyes and taking photos with everyone LMAO! But anyways... thats the biggest news so far! Why is the mission so full of changes? Why is the world so full of changes? I dont like it to be honest.

But ooooohhhhh, Gosford stake huh? QUE CHIVO! Man, how are you guys? Cant believe half of you are going to Samoa. Freaaaakkk! All the partying starts to happen when I leave huh? Lol! What else has been happening? Well send me pics from there please. When does everyone get home? I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LEW!!!!!

Vigilantes... I'll miss them. Super awesome
The Pineda's

LOVE Hermana Loli xx

PICS of when I suprised my comp for her 21st Bday!

Happy Birthday Soa!


Not happy to be 21!~

Monday, 16 November 2015


I have changed a bit. Spiritually more than anything. The mission doesnt change your personality, just makes you STRONGER spiritually.And I love it. The thing is... I knew I would come on a mission. People annoyed the hell out of me while I was prepping and so I would say "nah forget it I aint going" but I knew I would come out here. I didnt know how much change would happen while being out here. I love my investigators so much. I love the menos activos, they are the best. I dont know why, I LOVE them heaps. And I hate that they dont come to church but the culture in this country is like "kick back, lazy even" and so people are just so relaxed about the Gospel. LIKE FREAK... YOU CANT BE RELAXED ABOUT THE GOSPEL... YOU CANNOT BE RELAXED ABOUT ETERNAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with people these days?

Anyways we are really busy busy busy today. For PDAY me and my compa are ditching the zone to go and learn how to make bufondas (scarves) with a less active member. And we are so excited. I'll take photos and send them next week.

So this week was my compas birthday and we were BROKE TO THE DAYS #missionLife... so I while she slept I looked around the house for something to do for her. And so I had balloons and I blew up 21 and wrote 21 messages and put 1 msg in each balloon and then at midnight (yes I know, inicuo but it was her birthday... 10:30 every other night) I started pegging the balloons at her while she slept. She still didnt wake up and so I screamed FELIZ CUMPLEANOS hahahaha! Shes such a little cutie, English is such a struggle for her but we are working on it. And I know that we can do anything if we have FAITH in our Heavenly Father. Sometimes when I wanna give up with Spanish I remember Moses and how he had a speech impidement (cant spell) but God said who created the mouth that you have and he will put the words in our mouths if we TRY if we have FAITH if we do OUR PART!! And so we are both working hard to learn these languages... SPANGLIIIIISH!!!

Well I dont have much time, but I love you... be good and make good choices. Have fun in Samoa for those of you that are going.... and dont do anything I wouldnt do... and dont do anything that the old Esther would do ;)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you! Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015



So this week went so fast. Everyday is so fast... My mission is going FAST... SO FAST!!! Ahhh, like I want to cry. But ni modo, thats life. It´ll be over before I know it and I´ll be a crying mess for a week or two and then I´ll start looking for my EC hahahaha jokes jokes. Nah seriously. Anyways...

¡¿COMO ESTAN TODOS?! I miss you all heaps. I´ve been dreaming about yall alot lately. Not sure why. But I pray for you guys everyday. So yesterday, I finally spoke in church...
7 months into my mission and yesterday was the 1st time I spoke to my ward. I was so nervous... well kinda. But I´m guessing it went okay cos the ward members congratulated me after. I have to thank Hermana Fuentes because she helped me translate it. She´s the bomb! So at the end, I couldn´t remember how to say "I love you all" and so I just said "no se como se dice pero, I LOVE YOU ALL en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen" then, everyone laughed. But I´m hoping I don´t need to speak again hahaha. Hello, I can barely give talks in English let alone Spanish hahaha. But just kept saying in my mind ¨this too, shall pass¨hahaha. 

So this Thursday is my companions birthday, well she has two like Mum and Dad. She has 29th of October and 23rd of Agosto... But she celebrates this one. Not too sure what we are going to do but we are going to do something fun! I hope... lol.

So we´ve been getting alot of referencias through the church website right and so we went and contacted one of them. He is in his late-30´s early-40´s and he knows NOTHING about the church and is really interested which is why he put in a reference for himself. So we are working with him right now and he is super positive. I will keep you posted on him. His name is Ernesto.

Anyways, I just want to let you guys know that I have fully recovered and am back to normal so don´t worry about me. I am good. I am a missionary... ahhhhhhhh!!! Sometimes I can´t believe it. 

But I know it, I live it and I LOVE IT!!! SOY UNA MISIONERA!!!!! 

But anyways, remember to go to church EVERY SUNDAY and keep the day holy... It is so important, the sabbath day is sanctified. Partake of the sacrament, renew your covenants. 

Read; "The Sabbath Is a Delight" - President Russell M. Nelson... APRIL 2015

Anyways, be obedient... listen to the promptings of the spirit and be an example to everyone!!! Also, GO TO CHURCH!!!!! I love you guys, I love this Gospel with everything, all of me. IT IS THE TRUTH ON THIS EARTH... Amen.

I love you guys heaps!!! See you in 11 months hahahahaha baaagggyyyy! Jokes... I´m so not. Write to y'all next Monday.

Saluuuuu pues.
La Hermana Loli


Happy birthday Siuni!!!!
I love you!!!! Stay beautiful xx

 Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do!!!