Wednesday, 2 September 2015

We are here to serve our KING!!!

Welllllllll, sometimes I get a good feelin'YEAAAAH!
Nah, jokes. Anyways... it’s that time again. That Monday, P-Day, feel good vibes... But really, Mondays aren't all that great anymore. Lol. En serio. Actually a little boring. Pero, si... 
Hermana Ojeda and I - Change Meeting

It’s that CHANGE time again. 

And yeah, another one bites the dust... The Belize dust. My companion, Hermana Wagner is going to Belize and so Wednesday I receive a new companion. Meeeeerrrr! I am pretty sure she will be a Latina. First, because I have been praying for one to improve my Spanish. Second, because I need to learn Spanish LOL. But we had interviews with President and he said my accent is really good and I should be proud of that and so... half way there... maybe LOL! 

Image result for russell m nelsonBut highlight of the week…
PRESIDENT RUSSELL M. NELSON came and spoke to us. It was just the best!!!
I sat right in the front because it’s a once in a lifetime experience right? But it was so freaking good! He is a true apostle of God. You can just feel it, and he really taught us what we needed to hear.
This is us Samoan girls at the meeting with Pres.Nelson
 I like bawled my eyes out. But knowing me, I cry over everything lol. #Hopeless. It was also so good because it was ALL THE MISSIONARIES in El Salvador. So there were like 500 missionaries there. IT WAS SO GOOD! So it was our mission: El Salvador Oeste/Belice, El Salvador Este and Santa Ana. And then it showed via satellite to our Belice missionaries and all the missions in Guatemala. I found two Samoan sisters J - one from each mission, yeah I know… trust me to find the Samoans hahaha. But yeah it was cool! They were both from California. And they both know Tasi. So that was cool. It was so good, saw some people from the CCM which was cool too. But the coolest part was being able to shake his hand. President Nelson. TRULY A MAN OF GOD!

Anyways, I best fly!  Gotta go clean my house and go buy food... but I love you... ya sabe! 

There is no doubt in my mind, no doubt in my heart. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the TRUTH and the LIGHT in the world today.

There is no other true church, this is it. COME UNTO CHRIST... the only way we can be saved is through Him.

Crying people unto repentance and preaching the Gospel is kinda hard sometimes but then when you remember that these people are literally our brothers and sisters. It becomes easy because it gives you that desire to share your testimony and share this truth that you have.

It is realamente the GOOD NEWS! I didn't come to the other side of the world just to talk to gang members and eat pupusas lol. THIS IS THE LORDS WORK and I am BLESSED to be a servant of the MOST  HIGH!

Well I love you all.  Be good examples of believers. Do your part and He will do the rest! Don’t stress it. He has our backs more than anyone else.

The Atonement is REAL! Use it, everyday... cada dia! I love you guys. Pray always, our Heavenly Father wants to hear from you. 

Hermana Loli a.k.a Hermana Quintanilla... (Selena) lol
Last week with Hermanas Cordero and Mendez y Elder John

Happy Birthday Andy Vlatko!!!! I know your boys and Anna would have spoilt you! Bez sent me pics of the boys at Brandon's 1st birthday they've grown so much already!!! Give them hugs for me!!! 

Happy Birthday Daniel Farrell!!!! Hope you had a fantastic Birthday!!! Bet Chloe was the highlight! Oh and CONGRATS on your new role (well probs isn't new anymore right? But still hope you and your little family are well!)

Happy Birthday Gasolo!!! Hope you have many more wonderful birthdays to come! Bet Eddie was smiling down and sending you birthday wishes from his new home. Miss him. Miss you guys xx 

CRIXUS!!!!!! You're a big boy now!!! HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!!!! I know your Mum, Dad  and aunties :) will have spoilt you!!!! Hope you got lots of good stuff not to mention heaps of hugs and kisses! 

Alrighty ... sorry if I missed any birthdays. I wrote down as many as I could while I was still there but obviously couldn't get everyones! But know that if you lived to see another year of life then you are blessed!!!

Spanish Translations
En serio:       in earnest or seriously
Realmente:    actually, effectively or in reality
Pero:            but
Si:                if or yes
cada dia:       daily or every day

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