Thursday, 8 September 2016


17 months gaan!

Freak, so my week was good. Kinda. Like I don't remember how they are anymore. They are going faster and faster as the time goes on. 3 weeks left... JUELA! I can't even remember anything anymore. I'm so grateful that I kept journals otherwise I wouldn't remember anything!

But this week, the youth went to Santa Elena for a seminary activity and it was really good. We got 8 kids to go from la isla and it was great.

Then on Sunday in youth thats all they could talk about, their new found friends and how good the bonding was and everything. It was cool.

Also, Ken (Marlene's boyfriend) is getting baptized this Friday, so happy for Marlene. She's on top of the world!

I love the island, its the greatest... I have 3 weeks left. I can't believe it. Its so sad, but I'm ready too. I'm like on a rollercoaster to be honest. But yeah, I've already finished my last email LOL. 
I love yous heaps. Have a good week!

Sister Loli xx
PS. Don't miss me too much I have work to do!!
PSS. Enjoy some my pics of my tea party with Diary and Jenny xx


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