Thursday, 8 September 2016

All though we've come... to the end of the road...

Hello loves!

So, like, I'm coming home. OMG! I can't even grasp the reality of it. It's so weird! But like, it doesn't feel real. I dunno.. but anyways, this week was sick. We had interchanges with Belmopan and so Aillery and Barrientos came to the isla bonita for 2 days. I went with Aillery and Scott worked with Barrientos. It was hektik, this guy comes and hails us down asking us where the last 2 sisters went, we told him how we change all the time and then he starts bombarding us with questions. But they were good questions, he was for real genuine. Nekk minnit, we find out he's a muslim. Omg, hektikkkk! I wanna baptise a muslim! Lol, he is so cool. He is originally from Jordan but has lived here for like 18 years or something. He is so interested in our beliefs and told us that he believes in God and loves our beliefs because we focus a lot on LOVE... Thats true. I love love! But yeah, his name is Bilal. We call him Billy.

Marlene's boyfriend Ken got baptised on Friday. Man, she was so happy and I was so happy for her. She's one step closer to the main goal #TempleMarriage #cantwait LOL. But yes, she said in her talk that since God has been in their lives, they are more in love than they have ever been before. Its so true, God needs to be FIRST... And then everything else will fall into place. Let go and let God!


We also had District Conference and that was nice. But we Skype'd in to watch it. The theme was on self-reliance something that would really help out here in Belize. I learned a lot for my future life too #independent #not hahahaha. But honestly, my time is like nearly up. I have 16 days left and next Monday when I write again, I'll have 9 days left. WHAT THE FREAK!? Time just flew! But yeah, I love the mission with my whole heart and will miss it terribly BUT just like starting the mission, finishing a mission is a part of life as well and going home is just a new chapter in my life. I have so many goals and plans and I hope you guys will support me in accomplishing them... Like I already know you guys will. I love this PERFECT Gospel, theres no other word to describe it.

Omg, I can't believe everyone got into car crashes this week. WT?! #Crazy... I guess God's trying to teach yous a lesson of LOVING and APPRECIATING one another before its too late. Haha, jokes... Well, I hope you guys are as excited to see me as I am to see yous! Can you believe that your happiness is coming back? Hahahaha! I can't wait to see my Daddy! OMG!!! Anyways, I love yous heaps! Be good and be examples to everyone. Try and see the good in every situation, look for God's hand in every single situation.

I'll send photos now. I love yous heaps. 16 DAYS TO SAVE SOULS!

All my loving,

Sister Loli

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY HYRUM. So old now, I bet you're taller than me... I love you Hum!

Bez, tell Calum and Andy I said happy birthday to them too.

Okay I love yous.

Sister Loli

PS. Don't miss me too much cause I'm coming home soon!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!
PSS. Ok here's my pics....
This is Erolyn and she is my absolute FAVOURITE. Black babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Sister Velasquez. She's the cutest!

Church finished, in the golfcart with the Velasquez crew

Selfies with my girls Sky and Arrian. Sky is just precious! She reminds me heaps of Juani. She's so clever! And her hair is so long just like Juani. I wanna adopt her!!!

Ken's Baptism
Ken's Baptism II
Yeah, I'm still the Queen of selfies #MissionSelfieGameStrong HAHAHA!
My San Pedro xx

Saturday night session of District Conference with Juney.

with Doris and Erolyn

I'm going to miss my baby Angel, this is Bella's son... :(
He reminds me so much of Hansy.

Helping Marlene with tutoring

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