Monday, 16 November 2015


I have changed a bit. Spiritually more than anything. The mission doesnt change your personality, just makes you STRONGER spiritually.And I love it. The thing is... I knew I would come on a mission. People annoyed the hell out of me while I was prepping and so I would say "nah forget it I aint going" but I knew I would come out here. I didnt know how much change would happen while being out here. I love my investigators so much. I love the menos activos, they are the best. I dont know why, I LOVE them heaps. And I hate that they dont come to church but the culture in this country is like "kick back, lazy even" and so people are just so relaxed about the Gospel. LIKE FREAK... YOU CANT BE RELAXED ABOUT THE GOSPEL... YOU CANNOT BE RELAXED ABOUT ETERNAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with people these days?

Anyways we are really busy busy busy today. For PDAY me and my compa are ditching the zone to go and learn how to make bufondas (scarves) with a less active member. And we are so excited. I'll take photos and send them next week.

So this week was my compas birthday and we were BROKE TO THE DAYS #missionLife... so I while she slept I looked around the house for something to do for her. And so I had balloons and I blew up 21 and wrote 21 messages and put 1 msg in each balloon and then at midnight (yes I know, inicuo but it was her birthday... 10:30 every other night) I started pegging the balloons at her while she slept. She still didnt wake up and so I screamed FELIZ CUMPLEANOS hahahaha! Shes such a little cutie, English is such a struggle for her but we are working on it. And I know that we can do anything if we have FAITH in our Heavenly Father. Sometimes when I wanna give up with Spanish I remember Moses and how he had a speech impidement (cant spell) but God said who created the mouth that you have and he will put the words in our mouths if we TRY if we have FAITH if we do OUR PART!! And so we are both working hard to learn these languages... SPANGLIIIIISH!!!

Well I dont have much time, but I love you... be good and make good choices. Have fun in Samoa for those of you that are going.... and dont do anything I wouldnt do... and dont do anything that the old Esther would do ;)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you! Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do!

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