Tuesday, 10 November 2015



So this week went so fast. Everyday is so fast... My mission is going FAST... SO FAST!!! Ahhh, like I want to cry. But ni modo, thats life. It´ll be over before I know it and I´ll be a crying mess for a week or two and then I´ll start looking for my EC hahahaha jokes jokes. Nah seriously. Anyways...

¡¿COMO ESTAN TODOS?! I miss you all heaps. I´ve been dreaming about yall alot lately. Not sure why. But I pray for you guys everyday. So yesterday, I finally spoke in church...
7 months into my mission and yesterday was the 1st time I spoke to my ward. I was so nervous... well kinda. But I´m guessing it went okay cos the ward members congratulated me after. I have to thank Hermana Fuentes because she helped me translate it. She´s the bomb! So at the end, I couldn´t remember how to say "I love you all" and so I just said "no se como se dice pero, I LOVE YOU ALL en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen" then, everyone laughed. But I´m hoping I don´t need to speak again hahaha. Hello, I can barely give talks in English let alone Spanish hahaha. But just kept saying in my mind ¨this too, shall pass¨hahaha. 

So this Thursday is my companions birthday, well she has two like Mum and Dad. She has 29th of October and 23rd of Agosto... But she celebrates this one. Not too sure what we are going to do but we are going to do something fun! I hope... lol.

So we´ve been getting alot of referencias through the church website right and so we went and contacted one of them. He is in his late-30´s early-40´s and he knows NOTHING about the church and is really interested which is why he put in a reference for himself. So we are working with him right now and he is super positive. I will keep you posted on him. His name is Ernesto.

Anyways, I just want to let you guys know that I have fully recovered and am back to normal so don´t worry about me. I am good. I am a missionary... ahhhhhhhh!!! Sometimes I can´t believe it. 

But I know it, I live it and I LOVE IT!!! SOY UNA MISIONERA!!!!! 

But anyways, remember to go to church EVERY SUNDAY and keep the day holy... It is so important, the sabbath day is sanctified. Partake of the sacrament, renew your covenants. 

Read; "The Sabbath Is a Delight" - President Russell M. Nelson... APRIL 2015

Anyways, be obedient... listen to the promptings of the spirit and be an example to everyone!!! Also, GO TO CHURCH!!!!! I love you guys, I love this Gospel with everything, all of me. IT IS THE TRUTH ON THIS EARTH... Amen.

I love you guys heaps!!! See you in 11 months hahahahaha baaagggyyyy! Jokes... I´m so not. Write to y'all next Monday.

Saluuuuu pues.
La Hermana Loli


Happy birthday Siuni!!!!
I love you!!!! Stay beautiful xx

 Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do!!!

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