Thursday, 26 November 2015

I can't BELIZE itttttttttt...

Yuh beta BELIZE it... Yep I am in Belize!
So much has happened in this short week but I will try and tell you everything.

Okay so, after we wrote Monday we went and ate as a zone at Papa Johns. Como siempre. And we spent all day with Lucy because I love her and I knew it was my last Pday in Ayutuxtepeque. Omg, I'm like tearing up thinking about my beautiful Ayutuxtepeque :'( I miss it so much!  I have faith that I will go back.

So Tuesday was the multizona (thanksgiving) and it was great, we got to see errbody which is always good and to hear from our mission parents. I love them. Then, at the end Sister Hintze comes up to me and Lino and says "President wanted me to tell you two that you need to be at the office tomorrow at 6:30am with your suitcases because you are going to Belize." As soon as the words left her mouth, I bawled my eyes out. I was so sad. And she asks "Are you sad or happy?" because usually missionaries are happy to go to Belize right? Lol! WRONG! Hahahaha. So I went and told my zone and I went and told my companion and all my Latina girls and everyone starts crying.  And Sister Hintze is like "I shouldnt have told you until tonight because now everyone is crying" hahahaha! I was depressed to the days man! And then we find out that Maliga and Fiu are coming with us and we were pumped as! I was still kinda sad but stoked too that I was going with my Polys... except Sitani. But hes coming next change cos hes in the office. And we also got a new Poly Elder Kaufusi from Cali... Hes Linos cousin. And he'll be the only Poly in El Salvs when Sitani comes out to Belize.
So then anyways, Wednesday was Belize day and we spent all day in the office with everyone. I was so wasted cos all Tuesday night I was crying and packing. I didn't sleep. And saying goodbye to everyone was the most depressing thing of my life. I didn't even cry saying goodbye to you guys. But I bawled my eyebolos out saying goodbye to my lessactives, recent converts and investigators. It was the saddest thing that my little heart had to deal with. I MISS AYUTUXTEPEQUE!!!!!!!!!!!

And then anyways, trying to pack and keep under the weight limit was THE WORST... Also, the nurse died my hair... hahahahaha! It was hektik... and then at the airport I like bawled my eyes out cos we had permission to call home and all the gringos called and I called Samoa (auntys number) and noone answered. I tried 3 times and then after I went and lay down with my pillow and teddy bear that the fuentes family gave me and I cried cried cried.... but fiu couldnt talk either so I didnt feel that bad but still I just kept crying... Anyways.

I am in COROZAL and Belize is fairly new to the Gospel and so there are no wards here, only branches... But its an awesome country. Its all English, Creole, SPANGLISH! And I miss Spanish heaps. So I gotta go, I have more to say but got no time. I LOVE YOU GUYS! The church is true, and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Do work and be an example. I LOVE YOU GUYS HEAPS.

Sista Loli
Don't miss me too much! I've got work to do!!!
PS. So we can wear sunnies here #swag and I feel so hip man LOL. But riding bikes... juela maquina! Me and my comp lost eachother my second day here... It was crazy. My comp is Sister Hirsch from Texas... born and raised in Utah. Shes great I really love her.
Also... NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS... Sorry its so late but
okay i love you guys baibai


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