Monday, 23 November 2015


Yesterday Dulce* got bapstised!!! I kinda teared up cos... well I don't know baptisms are just beautiful things. Dulce is the hermana of Eduardo (our baptism from Sepptember). It was awesome to see her be baptised and I love their family so much!


Tomorrow we are having a multizona for Thanksgiving. The whole mission, menos Belice. But I am excited because I've never celebrated Thanksgiving before. I don't have a clue what it is... But we shall see. #Excited.

How cute is this... I tell my district that I'm 90% sure that I'm getting changed this change and they had a distrtict fast so that I won't get changed. Hahahaha! I fasted too, but it was just nice to know that I have friends ya know? Lol! But anyways... Its like a rollercoaster for me. Sometimes I wanna get changed and then sometimes I don't... Its like on the movie Tangled how Rapunzel's leaving the tower and she's so happy and then the next second she's crying because she doesn't wanna leave... Yeah these are my feelings at this present moment. I wanna know a new place and everything but I love my area and everyone in it. But no modo, just like the hymn... I'll go where He wants me to go, yeah? I know that whatever happens in life, is not by coincidence... NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE. Everything happens for a reason. Anyways... times up. I love you guys. Send my love to everyone and tell the Samoan people to buy me kalo chips and ies please? And maybe... more. Hahahaha! joking. 

 I love yous heaps!!!!

 Hermana Loli

 Don't miss me too much, I got work to do...

* = Dulce means SWEET in Spanish

Happy Birthday Zachary!!!! Hope you had an awesome birthday!!! :)
Happy Birthday Joan!!!  LOVE YOOOOOOOU!!!!

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