Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Excerpts from last weeks quick messages to my sisters x

Oh, I have like no time today because we are going hiking at a mountain thing... I know I know I am going to die! But we might be allowed to write later today and so if we are I will write a longer email and send photos.  Omg I love you! Send everyone my love. I love you so much. Send me photos!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND!!!!

Oh Uili! ... that is the SADDEST thing I have heard in a while. Man... hows Lele and Junior? Send my love to them if you see them. Does that mean noone from our family will be there for the funeral? Oh poor Alofa... and the boys! Aw man. Makes me wanna cry. Did you cry? I wouldve bawled my eyes out. Im such a sook these days so its normal.

Outside the Ayutuxtepeque Chapel

Aw man, I miss you guys. But when I think about coming home I get even more sad lol. And to think that these people that I have fallen so in love with, I had no idea existed 8 months ago... CRAZY!!! So we had interviews with President Thursday and he told me that its 99% sure that I am leaving my area, my second home AYUTUXTEPEQUE. I am so depressed. I feel like I'm leaving my home again and saying goodbye to my family.

Fatima Pineda

Ive already started saying my goodbyes and taking photos with everyone LMAO! But anyways... thats the biggest news so far! Why is the mission so full of changes? Why is the world so full of changes? I dont like it to be honest.

But ooooohhhhh, Gosford stake huh? QUE CHIVO! Man, how are you guys? Cant believe half of you are going to Samoa. Freaaaakkk! All the partying starts to happen when I leave huh? Lol! What else has been happening? Well send me pics from there please. When does everyone get home? I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LEW!!!!!

Vigilantes... I'll miss them. Super awesome
The Pineda's

LOVE Hermana Loli xx

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