Monday, 12 October 2015

If only you guys knew how in love I am...... with the mission.

If only you guys knew how in love I am...... with the mission.

Honestly though, I hit 6 months on Friday and just wanted to bawl my little eyes out. Time is going by way too fast and I think at times... ¿WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IF I FINISH MY MISSION?... and then I realise that its not an IF... I actually have to finish one day. I DON'T WANNA! :,(

But it’s okay because I am working my butt off and doing all that I can to help people come unto Christ, that is my purpose. 

But anyways... I don't think I told you guys but Hermana Lino is in my zone and it is just the best because sometimes I just miss home but her and Kava always remind me of my sisters. Kava was like all 5 of you in one and Lino is like Eternity and they're the same height too so sometimes I wanna cry. But I don't... well maybe I do LOL. She told me last night she wants me in her line hahahahaha so baggy... NAH JOKES. But I swear that's all they talk about at church, EVERYWHERE! #DatMissionLifeTho

Anyways, Hermana Martinez (my soa) she is such a little cutie. She was with me in the CCM and we came here together. She doesn't speak a lick of English (but we are working on that) and I am learning Spanish faster because of it. But it’s great! 

We had a baptism yesterday and it was so amazing!
I wanted to cry because Eduardo (our recently baptised friend) is just so ready. He wants to serve a mission already. He’s only 16 but isn't it just beautiful? I asked him where would he like to serve and he said Japan and I told him that's where my sister served and he was real interested in that. We try and practice Japanese together but you know how great I am with Japanese... NAAAHT! My 7th grade Japanese skills were kicking in and I remembered Mrs Dickson... #HatedJapaneseClass and her Pocky sticks HAHAHAHA. I'm like cracking up by myself here in the ciburg but like I don't care. I think my zone thinks I'm crazy. Yolo! Anyways, his little sister and brother and grandma are to be baptised on the 10th of Octubre and I AM SO EXCITED! Because, I love this family with all of my heart.

It's so weird how you only know these people for such a short time but you can love them with all of your heart as if you've known them for a lifetime. Well we did know them in the pre-existence but you know what I mean.

Tuesdays and Fridays we teach English class (Me and Lino) and it’s actually funny as. Because we speak English but we don't know the rules to it, you know? And so the classes are like... #theStruggleIsREAAALLL you know... But it’s exciting. And you realise just how hard English really is. 

Also we've been teaching this girl named Rosio, she turns 18 this month and her boyfriend is a member, she said she likes the church and everything but her mum is super catholic and so we are taking it slow with her. But she’s so nice and her and her boyfriend are the cutest!!!

Also, 6:30 struggles are real right? So we told Elder Herrera and Elder Aguilar that we would meet up at our chapel at 6am to start exercise... HAHAHAHA Like at 6:20 they call us and tell us they've been waiting for ages so we get changed so fast and book it down to the chapel. Poor things had been waiting I just kept laughing but I don’t think they were happy HAHAHAHA. So we walked down to the field to do exercise... well as much as you can do with your eyes shut cos you're so tired at that hour LOL. But it’s cool, this week we will really start doing it with excitement lol. Ahhh I miss you guys so much. This change has gone so fast. I wish it would all just slow down. I need to hold these memories forever ya know? 

Anyways today we have Pday with Zone LAYCO and me and Lino are heaps excited cos that's Fiu's zone. So Ill send photos with that next week. Anyways, I love you guys heaps. And I pray for your guys 24/8 for reals.

Oh one more thing, Bishop asks me on Friday to speak and so I’m freaking out. Then on Saturday night calls me and speaks English and says [Sister Loli, you are very lucky. You don’t have to speak tomorrow... hahahaha I was so happy. It was because the stake were coming. But yes, the best news lol. But anyways... I love you guys. 

This work is the work of the Lord, and we need to take it serious. We are ALL missionaries. SO we need to show it in every way possible. This week invite a friend to church, or work with the missionaries. THEY NEED YOU! We can’t do this without the members. The members are key. WORK WITH THE MISSIONARIES!!!! Les Amo un monton!!!!!!

I’ll send some more pictures after of the baptism and what not.

Hermana Loli LOVES youuuuuuuuuu! 


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