Tuesday, 13 October 2015



Hey guys? What’s up? I miss you all so much. This week just flew by so fast. I feel like I was just here writing. But I guess that’s the mission. It just flies on by... Its going too fast I want to cry. When I think about finishing my mission I just wanna cry. But I am doing all I can every day because NO REGRETS when I get home right? I love this Gospel with all of my heart. It is the best thing that I could ever do is preach the Gospel here to the people of this country. I want to extend because I feel like its going way too fast, but then I remember that IM GOING TO BE A MAID OF HONOUR and so I need to calm my farm HAHAHAHA! Man I love you guys alot. Hey GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEK. YEAAAAAAAAAAAH! Also, can someone please give me President Whitings email I wanna write to him.  Kiss my babies for me, and my daddy. I LOVE YOU GUYS HEAPS. DO WORK, DO GOOD THINGS. THIS CHURCH IS TRUE, DONT DOUBT IT.... THERE IS NO OTHER CHURCH ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH THAT HAS ALL THE TRUTHS AS DOES THIS GOSPEL. I LOVE YOU GUYS....






My baby Aurora, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Freak how old? 2 already???? I want to see photos of her.... Ahhh I miss my baby so muchhh!!!


Happy Birthday Wyoma, I miss you heaps and heaps and heaps. I MISS YOUR FACE TOO MUCH! I’mma come live in Melbourne after my mission lol. wooooo! 


Hey Stanleyyyyy, happy birthday man. I hope you have a beautiful day with your tres corazones... 


I love you 3 heaps and heaps and heappppssss! 

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