Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Okay... So you were all probably wondering when I would crack... This week has been terrible... TERRIBLE!!! And all I wanted to do was call President and ask to go home. I never imagined that I would ever feel this way before because the mission life, I was born for. So I will tell you how it all begun...

Last Monday, after we wrote... we ate together as a zone as always. And then we were going to play futbol or volibol. But then I was starting to feel sick so I tell my companion that I need to lay down for a little. We get home... and I KO!!!

Then Tuesday comes and I feel okay but then as we are walking in the streets I get dizzy and nearly die. So then since then I have been bed ridden, well kinda cos I've had doctors’ appointments. I HATE THIS FEELING!!!!! I just want to work... But these freaking parasites have come back and are killing me softly and slowly. I liked died coming to the ciburg today to write to you guys. But I wanted to write so bad and so AQUI ESTOY! Hahaha.

But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THE MISSION. I HATE BEING SICK... But the nurse is so great, she’s been helping me heaps. Checking up on me and what not.

Meanwhile I've been dying. Super crap cos it’s the last week of the change and I wanna say goodbye to all my people you know. I've had my whole mission here and if I don't say goodbye I will cryyyyy. But thats only IF I leave my area. I am praying that I don't. I love AYUTUXTEPEQUE more than anything!

So apart from me and my dying life over here, nothing else has happened. Since all I have seen this week is the back of my eye lids lol. Oh, what makes it worse is we have had NO WATER this whole week. Yes... yes it is what you think. But I am not going to say it cos it makes me angry hahaha. Our whole area has no water and so noone has water. IT SUCKS!

But I was waiting for a bad week in the mission. I was wondering when it would come. I couldn’t have 7 months of bliss right? But even with my sickness and no water. I STILL LOVE THE MISSION. Nothing has changed with that aspect. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE MISSION. And I love you guys. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND I LOVE MY HEAVENLY FATHER. 

Sorry for the depressing email. Next week it will be better. Changes on Wednesday... vamos a ver! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Hermana Loli xx

PS. Mumma I love you POP HOLD IT DOWN hahaha



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