Tuesday, 21 July 2015

I met Dora here in El Salvador!!!

Boy do I miss yall alot!!!

So... since Wednesday I have been so ma'i...
I may have parasites... not sure but I was like DEAD yesterday. I was puai-ing everywhere. SO bad! But it’s normal here, if you don’t get sick then you didn’t serve a mission. Hahahaha that’s what they say.

Especially here in this country… You just gotta suck it up and go at it. Go hard or go home! lol but home is NOT an option. Lol! So hard it is... I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so thank goodness for that. Let’s hope I get skinny! HAHAHAHA! #WishfulThinking

But anyways, enough about my sickness. 

This week has been awesome, as every day/week as a missionary is.

Actually, first off I want to apologise for my photos. I've realised that por la mas they've all been photos with missionaries. The thing is, we aren't allowed to take our cameras anywhere really. It’s a safety thing cos people get robbed here like almost always. So the only places I feel safe taking it is like mission meetings and what not. But yeah, hopefully soon when I'm in a safer area I will take photos of the landscape and what not. Ahhh!

But I love it here. Everyday is different, some days are hard and some not AS hard. But at the end of everyday comes the feeling of accomplishment.
I love it here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. This is real life!
Serving the Lord is such a blessing. I love it!

So this is our last week of the change and everyone keeps telling me and Hermana Kava that we'll get split. I'm super nervous, I'll miss this crazy Tongan girl but we are all almost positive that she's going to Belize. Lucky thing! 

Elders Jolon and Maldonados!!! 
Every missionary wants to go there, it’s the goal. But you need to get your Spanish down before you can go, so people work hard. For me, I'm content with staying in good old El Salv. I love it here. But vamos a ver... The Spanish is coming; every day is a challenge with it. But I learn something new every day and surprise myself with the things I can say. Especially in lessons, the spirit really helps you. It is true, all you need to do is open your mouth and the Lord will fill it. 

So on Wednesday, Elder Ochoa (of the Seventy, in the Area Presidency) came to speak to our mission and it was pretty powerful. Such a long tiring day but really worth it. I got to see all my CCM familia and so I was excited about that as well.

I’ve learnt alot and it’s something that our mission really needed to hear. He was teaching us about EXACT OBEDIENCE and how it isn't hard at all. That we need to always remember our purpose. And I really appreciated everything that was said that day.

So last Sunday, super sad. Three of the Young Men in our ward were catching a bus back from Mission Prep and were beat up and robbed, then shoved off the bus. Super sad. But they were fine, we went to see them after that and they were fine but we were super worried cos they're such a good boys and work with us alot. I'm just glad that nothing too serious happened. 

So much happens and not enough time to write everything. Oh I wish I could, sometimes I wish I could just call y’all. But you know. Well they have Digicel here and so I miss Samoa every day LOL! 

Well I love you all, Tee I have been getting your emails. Thank you! I love you and stay safe in Samoa. Send me photos of my home hahaha. And my "friends" winkwink JOKES JOKES.... Soy misionera ahora! Entonces, mantenga su corazon a bajo un llave....

I love you guys more than life. God lives and loves us MUCHO!!!! Christ lives, I know this with my whole heart and more. I love you guys more than you could ever know.... 

Be obedient, be a good example, do good things... live your life so that others will want to know Christ through you. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!! Don't miss me too much I've got work to do xx 

Hermana Loli
We met DORA in El Salvador!!! hehehe! Dora's a guy!

Happy Birthday Jaaaaasoooon Attard! So young still... so many years to go!! *wink wink*

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