Tuesday, 7 July 2015

4th of July!!!!

Time is short and so this week I’ll let you in on my email to my Momma!!!
Hi Momma!
I miss you so much! I miss Dad SO MUUCHHHH!!! Please stay healthyyyy...

Yeah I can't choose a puletasi cos I don’t know what they look like... But send me anything I don’t mind. Yes, mi goreng please LOL. I MISS IT!!!! Nah I don’t want Tim tams... Umm... ie-lavalavas, yes please... I don’t know… anything I guess... Ahhh! I miss you guys … I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!
BUT, yes the mission is the best. Your email made me cry. Can you not like send me things like that? Lol! I see your guys faces ALL THE TIME and then I remember the struggle of trying to get here in the first place and all the work that it took us to get me here. And how much I have already grown in this short time since being here. But as much as I miss you all, I have no regrets.
This is where I am meant to be, this is where God wants me. I love you guys so much and am so thankful for my family. I am so so so very blessed to have a family as supportive and loving as you all. Thank you mum and dad for all your love. I miss you guys so much!!!
Omg! So, I hand wash ALL my clothes, shower with a bucket hahahaha. No hot water... I guess God's trying to help me not be such a princess anymore huh? All this hard labour that I am NOT used to hahahaha! I love it though, my hair is growing already. I think? But my hair sucks too. It’s so hot over here sometimes I wanna shave it all off. Lol! Seriously though...
Okay, so Saturday was 4th of July and me and Kava made shirts for it... Like, I don't want to celebrate America day but I wanted to support my comp hahaha. And the whole zone met up at the stake centre and had a bbq... Okay but it was the WORST bbq ever. But, made the BEST memories. My ZL's are CRAZY!!!!! They "cooked" the meat patties... But they were PINK. It was a miracle that no one got sick hahahaha! But it was a super fun day with the zone.
Also, the family that we've been teaching, who are also our neighbours (the ones that came to our Poly night) Guillermo (who is the husband) it was his birthday on the 4th and so we decided to heart attack their door. But when we finished doing the hearts and the sign, we walked out our front door to go and heart attack their house but the husband and wife were outside with their son and daughter. And we're like "oh crap" so we wait a while and just watch like creeps lol but when they finally went inside they left their door open and so we couldn’t stick anything on. So we wait... for like another 25 minutes. And finally they close the door, but the window was open and so Kava says she'll stick them up and I hide behind the wall. It was the funniest thing... trying to be sneaky. Then we finally finish and we start walking back to our house then I say "wait we need them to see it now so they can come to church tomorrow, Kava we need to do a knock and run" hahaha so we start getting ready, we take our shoes off and I knock and then we go for gold HAHAHAHAHA. Omg I was so *sela! Obviously we are not two girls that run... OBVIOUSLY hahaha. But it was super funny. I saw Sonia (the wife) look out the window as I ran passed it so they knew who it was hahahahaha. But it was super fun! #SisterMissionaryLife

Also scary story, me and Kava were having dinner with La familia Molina. And after we eat, we all sit in the living room about to share a message. Nekk minnit we hear 3 gun shots... The thing is, here in El Salvador, you are forever hearing them... but it sounded super close. Usually we wouldn’t think anything of it, but then the way the family reacted I was like "Omg I am in El Salvador" like a kinda "I'm not in Kansas anymore" moment….hahahaha. Hermano Molina rushes up and turns off all the lights, Melissa brings her dog inside and Sister Molina closes the windows and curtains all in the space of half a second. BIENVENIDOS A EL SALVADOR hahahahaha! But it’s cool. I shouldn’t share those kinda stories with y’all. But I don’t want to have to share these with you when I’m done LOL! But I’m fine, NO WORRIES... Tek et ise (take it easy) all the Latinos say it like that... so funny...
Anyways... I love you all more than life. But you already know. Sorry I haven’t sent ANY letters. #ThatBrokeLifeThough Missionary life = broke... so next time I will send some letters. Send everyone my love, especially my babies. How’s Sina? I had a dream of her last night... And Eddie and I woke up bawling. Send her my love please. I miss you guys so much! But I love the work so much! I am so grateful to be here and yeah not every day is sunshine and rainbows but its all worth it in the end. GOD IS GOOD. THE WORK IS GREAT! Our Heavenly Father loves us. MAKE GOOD CHOICES AND BE AN EXAMPLE OF THE BELIEVERS. Always act as though our Saviour is right beside you. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
So, don’t miss me too much – I’ve got work to do J
Con mucho amor;
Hermana Loli

Happy birthday Pele you beautiful girllll!! Don’t grow up too fast!
Happy birthday Gaaaazzzzzzzz, miss your banter...!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday party Soloai (my daugher)! 

 Mi Zona...
 Elder Maldonado (Guatemala), Hermana Kava (Hawaii), me and Elder Garcia (Guatemala)
 Kava, Ojeda - Hermana Lider (California), Me and Jepson (Las Vegas)

Hermana Kava and Elder Osiek (Mission Mama and Brother)

Osiek, Kava, me and Monsen

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