Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Getting ready for our Polynesian Night!

Hey hey!
How is Australia?
Man I miss you guys! How is everything?

So this week we are having our Polynesian night. So pretty excited about that. We had practice on Friday with the Primary and Relief Society. Primary is dancing Tahiti. Theyre doing Pate Pate, remember that dance Aso? Lol. So cuuuute! And then RS are doing Samoa... So mai but you know its nice, theyre trying. I could tell they were like getting ika bcos they could pick it up but it was cool. Priesthood are doing the haka, youth are doing Hawaii and me and Kava are singing Hey girl... Pretty keen for it I just hope it turns out good. It should be sweet though.
The Flyer for the Polynesian Night...
I can’t believe Laila is home... How is she? What are her plans now? Man send me photos. Like every time you go to upload a photo on facebook or instagram, SEND IT TO ME!!! It’s just as important for me to receive photos from you guys as it is for you to get them from me. Send me some of my Daddy.. My mumma! My babies, how much they’ve grown. Send me photos of Evotia’s blessing!
So this past week has been good, practice for the poly night this Saturday. Like no one turned up for our practices but you know, it’s all good baby baby!
Okay so there is now a Pub next to our house, well not next door but close. And it reminds me of The Kent and the other day they were playing Kingston Town - UB40... OMG BAAAAAAAGGGGGYYYYYYY! I miss UB40... Lol, but Ive got my whole life for that huh? But every time we walk passed that place there’s like nasty old men that miki at us. It’s funny cos its opposite here, they miki at girls and they ch-ch-ch at their kids. Samoa is opposite. Funny.
Anyways, another question, I am losing my Samoan. Can you send me for Christmas a Samoan dictionary? Like before it was okay with Fiu but now I have NO SAMOANS and so I don’t even remember what it sounds like sometimes unless I sing songs lol.
Oh also we have been painting our house, pimped it out. It reminds me of Calamity Jane hahahaha. Only one photo this week. Sorry these computers are so sketch. Sometimes they work and let me send heaps of photos and sometimes, nothing! But it’s cool. I love you guys and I miss you all LOTS!
Me & Hermana Kava
I just want you all to know that I love you all SO MUCH! More than life!!!!!!!!
I am so blessed to be a missionary, I am so grateful for our Fathers plan and for eternal families. I am grateful for the temples, I am so grateful for our leaders, for our living Prophet. We are so very blessed to be a part of this Gospel. I love the fact that we are forever bcos when I get all baggy I just think about ETERNITY and remind myself that 18 months is NOTHING compared to what we have together. YOU GUYS DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU ALL! I am so grateful for the Atonement; I love our Saviour and am blessed to have His love in my life. We all are!
Thanks for all the letters guys... not hahahaha! Kidding. But yeah so far I’ve only received ONE letter my WHOLE 2 months out here in the field lol... Thanks Tiffany J ! Okay I love you all!
Don’t miss me too much I’ve got work to do.

Hermana Loli, X

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