Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Polynesian Night!

Buenas dias!

So this week has been CRAZY! Although, every day is crazy here in the mission. PERO, I LOVE IT ALLLLL!!! 

A little sad because my mission Dad (Elder Schappell) dies (mission dies) this Wednesday and heads for Colorado on Thursday - HOMEEEEEEEE. As well as my Hermana Lider, shes from Guatemala (Hermana Escobar). Last Monday after we emailed my District helped paint our house. It was nice District bonding time! The Cuscatlan sisters are singing again this change meeting, so thats Wednesday. Not sure what we are going to sing... but we need practice bro... LOL! For realzzaayyy!

But anyways this week has honestly been HEKTIK! Probably because of our Poly night prep... Like practices, decorations and MADNESSS!  But we got through... The Poly night was AWESOME! (Well I think so anyway hahaha) More about that later...

We discussed in District Meeting this week that if you want EXITO (success) in your mission you must Ser obediente y trabajar duro (BE OBEDIENT and WORK HAAARD!) and it is THE TRUTHHHH! And don't get homesick... (guilty hahaha) but just gotta remember D&C 31 (read it)...

We have an investigator, William, he lived in Brooklyn and so his English is GREAT. He honestly treats me and Kava like his daughters. So on every street is a Vigilante, like the security guard, and they either have guns or machetes, William has a gun but anyway #offtopic hahaha. So William is the vigilante on one of the streets (pasaje) and he is a recent convert. He is like our dad here in Ayutuxtepeque. He tells us who is good to talk to and who isn't. And he tells us that we need to lose weight BWAHAHAHAHA! He honestly reminds me of my dad. When I told him that my dad told me not to talk to any strangers he looked at me in the eyes, dead straight and he says "yeah your dad is right" I just laughed. He cracks me up!

We also have Besi, who is 19 and has a 1 year old baby Denise who we have just started teaching. She is super positive except, she lives with her boyfriend (the baby daddy). And that's a common problem here because people just don't have money to get married. So most times if they are willing, the church helps them out so that can be married and then baptised. So we are just praying praying. She doesn't really understand my Spanish HAHAHAHA but its okay because the spirit is always there.

The other night at one of the members houses, they gave us this drink and it tasted like ECCO... OMG I MISS ECCO and so I was actually really grateful even though its not ideal to drink hot drinks in such a hot country like this LOL! The youth are having like little fundraisers for SOY (EFY) and they were selling this alaisa thing... which reminded me of sua alaisa... naaaaiiiice! Anyways, there's my food cravings lol!

Oh oh oh... Barcelona won... not like its a big thing but you know we cant watch tv but if youre having lunch or dinner at someones house you cant tell them to turn it off HAHAHA. And Neymar Jr... OMG!! #HeLooksSamoan, Before my mission I couldnt play any kind of sport... pero, ahora... I still can't HAHAHA but I actually LOVE LOVE futbol (soccer)... its the bomb!

So funny thing, our house is on a hill so when we walk home every night, we are like both so wasted.. like cant even walk and Kava always asks me to piggy back her... So one morning during study we decided to try it hahahahahahaa it was the funniest thing of my life... #FAAAAAILLLLLL!!!! But you know atleast we can say we tried it huh? We nearly like both stacked it... So we will never do that again, LOL!

Also one of the members showed me my blog... ahhhh! Can you not have a photo of my crying on skype... like ewwww... LOL! nah all good, good job Bez! Go hard or go hommmeeeee hahaha!

Oh oh oh, we got permission from our ZLs to watch Johnny Lingo... Ummm, #BAAAGGGYYYYY! "my band, Johnny is that you?" HAHAHAHA! Kava had never seen it before so it was crazk up for real! Now shes forever singing TAMAHANAAAAA! Oh goodness! Too funny... Okay-- POLY NIGHT!!! 

IT WAS THE BESSSTTT! So we have these neighbours in our pasaje. We always see the young son (probably Hansys age) playing, theres the mum, dad (young couple) and then a baby girl (rorys age).. and in prep for our poly night we just went HAM inviting everybody.So we invite them... and we didnt think they would actually come... BUT OMG WHEN THEY WALKED IN THE CHAPEL... I DIED!!!! I just felt so complete man, it was THE BESSSTTTT!!!! So excited I wanted to cry!!! 

We started with a young couple in our ward (La familia Martinez) talking about temples and families and the importance of temples. Then me and Kava started our presentation... it was a tour of the temples in the islands and we had to talk a little about our countries. So then we started with Primary and they did a Tahitian dance, Samoa, and that was the Relief Society and me dancing to "Tausagi Mai"  and then me and Elder Fonoimoana sung "Tali Maia" and I played the uke.        

 Then then the youth did Hawaii with Kava and they did the Lilo & Stitch song, after was Tonga and me and Kava sung "Hey Girl" then we ended with the Haka... HAHAHAHA! I so wish I could send videos... OMG! It was the best though. Presidente y Hermana Hintze came, all the APs, our district, all the sisters in our zone and our ZLs too.  It was a great night and Im actually so glad we pulled it off. Con Dios, todos es posible! (With God, all is possible)... Funny cos we were kinda stressing about this beforehand and I say to Kava "seriously though who do we think we are trying to pull this off? The PCC or something?" hahahahaha then we both cracked up. But it was good, President said it reminded him of it. HAHAHA! I think he was just being nice LOL but nah, it was good. Hermana Hintze said "theres just this thing about the movement in your bodies that greengos and latinos cant do"... But yeah really glad everything worked out. No more poly nights now hahahaha!

But honestly, honestly, I am so grateful and so very blessed for the Gospel in my life! I would be such a lost little girl without it! 

President Henry B. Eyring said: "There seems to be no better answer to the question: Why trials come and what are we to do? If the foundation of faith is not embedded in our hearts, the power to endure will crumble. Acting on even a twig of faith, allows God to grow it. And Everything takes time. We have the Gospel to help and shape our lives IF we choose it." It is sooooo truuueeee! 

God isn't telling us to have GREAT faith... faith the size of a mustard seed is ALL we need to move mountains. And if you've seen a mustard seed then you would know, its TINY AS! And if you haven't, google it hahaha but seriously, faith is all you need. 

I love this Gospel with all of my heart and I KNOW that I would be NOTHING without it. I love you guys so much, Time is going so fastttt, I feel like I just got to El Salvador and its already been 6 weeks... CRAZY CRAZY!!! I love you all more than liiiifeeeee!!! 

TE AMO!!!!!

Hermana Loli...


Happy Independence Day SAMOA!!!
Happy Birthday Rachel
Happy Blessing Day Evotia

Don't miss me too much I've got work to do!!! 

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  1. Buenos dias sisteeeeer, it's Ima !

    Lol I hope you have been well !!!! You look great !!!! Miss seeing your selfies at work πŸ˜”

    Updaaaates ? BLUES WON !!! πŸ’™πŸ’™ yes they played great, honest players playing against boys who should be playing soccer the way they try to milk penalties 😑 but in the end the better team won !! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

    Yeah still single hahahahaha so busy with Church.

    We have a Praise Night this Saturday! I know you would of enjoyed it if you were here ! Been praying meditating for Gods anointing on the night ! Our band did a 21 day fast no meat 😫😫only ate natural foods ! Yes Taua did it !! She inspired me even more we have all lost some kilos hahaha but it was a great time that we realised how much we need God, and how important it is to lean on him ! A lot of challenges came our way and some we still are going through, but I think God really wanted to see what was in our hearts, would you serve me the same way if I took away your talent? If I took away your stage ? Would you still serve me the same way ? I realised, I don't care if I can't sing, can't dance, and don't get a chance to minister to people, I will still serve the Lord the same way. Even though people may let me down, I know the Lord has our backs!!

    Please keep us in your prayers !
    I miss you girl I haven't been back to NC yet πŸ˜”πŸ˜” I miss home ! But it's winter and I know it freeeeezing down there ! I have seen some pictures ! Seems like it's summer all year over there ! El Salvador! I hope your enjoying it all ! Be safe my dear sister ! Lean on him he will strengthen you !