Friday, 26 June 2015

First Baptism!

So before I start, did Rachel get my birthday email? 
Anyways, Hermana Kava knows Sefa Palu. They were both at BYU-I together. CRAZY HOW SMALL THIS WORLD IS!!  It’s also CRAZY how much I miss you guys!!!!!

Monday: For P-day our Zone had a water fight lol it was teams at first and then it turned into every man for themselves LOL. And Hermana Ojeda made deep-fried Oreos. They weren't too bad, but I wouldn't make them on my own if you get my drift. So Monday was good.

Tuesday: Kava got SIIIICKKK! She was puai'ing all over the shop. CRAZZZY! But I felt so bad cos I know if that was me, I would be feeling so BAAAGGGYYYY! And that’s all she was saying too. That she just wanted her Mum. Maaaan, when that day comes I might just buy a calling card and call home... HAHAHAHA JOKES! #Exact Obedience Auuuuu! But yeah she just rested and I read every Liahona ever published LOL... Nah, but I did study alot so it was good. My poor comp!

Wednesday: FATHERS DAY!!! Dia de la Padres!!! It was Father’s Day here so there was no work or school. And it was a baggy moment for sure. I MISS MY DADDY!!!!!!! The sad thing though, was all the pubs were PACKED like no other day. It made me sick in my stomach to think that it’s FATHERS DAY right? And all these daddies have a day off work to spend with their CHILDREN... but they’re in pubs. But ni modo, that’s why us missionaries are here. TO HELP FAMILIES!!!

Thursday: My 3 month mark!!!! ... CRAYCRAY! Where did the time go? They say that missions are the fastest things you will ever do. And I'm feeling it for sure! Arrrgggh!  When people ask me, "How much time have you got left in the mish?" I say "18 months" hahaha. I don't want it to seem real. 15 MONTHS ALREADY? Rewind time please!?!?! It is the best decision I have EVER made in my life. Although, I miss my family and friends more than anything, I LOVE IT HERE. #NoRegrets!!!
Also, Thursdays are Zone meetings so we had that and it was our Hermana Lider - Hermana Ojeda's 20th birthday the next day so we had a little celebration. Me and Kava got her a lei and a flower for her hair, we bought $1 confetti rockets which were SUPER FUN and ONLY $1 !!!! But it was super fun... I hate that I say "super"so much LOL. It’s so American but then El Salvadorians say it too. #StupidWord But yeah Thursday was fun and then we ate together as a Zone.

Friday: OMG I GOT 6 LETTERS! CONGRATULATIONS ADELE! I cannot believe noone told me earlier. ENGAGED HUH? WOOO WOOO! Dela picaaaaa... Happy for you, and miss you lots. I will send a letter soon! #DemLipsTho LOL! Also, TIFFANNNYYYY AND NIIIIICKKKKKKKK OMGGGGGGGG!!!!! Why did she not tell me in her letter? You wait Tiffany! hahahahaha! WOOOOPPPP! When I read it I nearly fell off my chair LOL.

Saturday: B A P T I S M  D A Y!!!!!

The day of my first baptism! I was so happy I wanted to cry! Javier was the first person I met here in Ayutuxtepeque so I was SUPER EXCITED! I loved the baptism and it was so packed. Our ward is super supportive. Also, we taught our family for the first time. They were so receptive to our message and I could see the spirit working through them. The wife’s name is Sonya and the husband... I can't spell it nor say it hahahaha but they are such a beautiful young couple. Their house is so modern and the husband speaks English. Both their mothers live in California but they're content with living here. I would be too though; it’s such a beautiful country. I love it here! 

Sunday: CHURCH! Always a good day, I had to say the opening prayer in sacrament. I've never had to do anything in sacrament so I was a little nervous but I didn't die so... HAHAHA! We had singing practice with the youth for ward conference this Sunday. They’re singing - Come Thou Fount... 

And then today is P-DAY AGAIN... The days go fast, I feel like I was just here writing. In the Liahona I read some articles that I wanted to share with yous to read:

Feb 2015: "We Miss Sofia" (I bawled my eyes out)
Jan 2015: "The Road To A Forever Family" (nice to share)
June 2015: "I Love You" (This is me hahaha)

Okay one more story before I hit the road, we did a Zone attack in Vista Hermosa (Elders Mio and Herrera's area) and there was this drunk guy. Lol he speaks 5 different languages. He was asking Kava if she would give me to him. Ummmmm! Then Kava said that he has to ask my Dad and he started saying "Oh no Samoa are big and strong." we were just like... okay... baaaaiiii LMAO!

Leata, I still hate practices. How’s Mission Prep? How’s Stacey? Is she on the mish yet? Also, Avengers is the IT here... I see them heroes everywhere lol.

Well, as always I want to end with my testimony that I know that this church is true and I would be absolutely NOTHING without it. I am blessed far beyond measure that our Heavenly Father trusts me with His work. This is it, and I'll never have the opportunity to do this again. I love it, I love it all! The scriptures are the words of God; they are there to help us in every way. We have to read them! "Don't yield to Satan's lie that you don't have time to study the scriptures. Choose to take time to study them. Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than sleep, school, work, TV shows, video games, or social media. You may need to reorganise your priorities to provide time for the study of the WORD OF GOD. If so, DO IT!" - Elder Richard G. Scott
"Make scripture reading part of your regular routine and blessings will follow. If you learn from the scriptures early in life, you will come to know the path you should walk." - Boyd. K Packer
And I want to testify of their words, that I know that if you take time, even if just a little, to read your scriptures you will see such a great change in your life. Put it this way, if you have time to stalk on Facebook, double tap on Instagram or snap on Snapchat... then you HAVE TIME to read the word of God. Well, as you already know, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE. FAMILIES ARE FOREVER. MAKE GOOD CHOICES. AND PRAY ALWAYS. PRAYER IS A GIFT. DON'T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED. 

I love you. Te quiero mucho. 
Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do.

Hermana Loli, XO 

"Heaven without your Family just wouldn't be Heaven." 

- Elder Jeffrey R. Holland


Happy Birthday Phil!!!! 

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