Wednesday, 22 April 2015



So this is my last P-day in the CCM. Omg! Where did the time go? I love it here so much I don't want to leave... Entonces, this time next week I'll be in EL SALVADOR... (or maybe still on the bus... no se?) So you won't get an email from me next week. Lo siento! Pero, despues... SI!

This morning we went to the temple. I LOVE IT! Last time in the Guatemala templo... I'm going to miss it. This week was awesome, as every week is. I love my intake. We are tight as. The majority of us are going to my mission but then there 7 that are either staying in Guatemala or going to Honduras. I hate that we have to split up because we are all so tight and that bus ride without the other 7 is going to be sad. You won't hear from me for 2 weeks entonces I should write something exciting. I don't really have anything I can remember because I left my journal in my room but...

... yesterday the Elderes in our District were late and so Hermano Escobar shared a story about why we need to have punctualidad. He said on his mission he and his companion were 2 minutes late. When they knocked on the door, the guy came to the door and opened, looked at his watch then looked up and said to Hermano Escobar and his companion "thanks for your time" then closed the door. The Elder's were shocked and knocked again. The guy opened the door and said "You are representatives of Jesus Christ yes?" The Elder's nodded and then he said "Do you think Jesus would be late to a lesson?" and then closed the door. I felt bad for my Elder's but then again didn't really LOL! Jokes, I love those guys.

Omg!  Another thing... it came to a point where I needed to open one of my emotion letters  hahaha. And to my surprise it was Adele and Rachel's letters. I miss them, tell them I said that lol. I was cracking up reading them. Too funny!!

Oh this morning as we were coming out of the templo we bumped into an Elder Puletu'a who is from Hebersham stake. He's Tongan serving here in Guatemala Este (East). It was crazy talking to him and knowing everyone that he knew. He reminded me heaps of Victor. Crazy!

Anyways, I love it here, I love the spirit that I am able to feel here every second. I know that I am where I need to be right now. I have been getting CRAZY deja vu since being here and one of the Elder's told me that you only get deja vu when you are in the right place. Crazy cos all of us have been getting it like crazy. And I swear I've dreamt about this place before and everyone I've met. 
No turning back, ever.

Omg and Leata I know why you love Elder Holland... Yo tambien! He is the man! I love love love love love him! Also the other night we were watching a devotional and in the choir I saw Tiffany Davison... CRAY CRAY! And then in another devotional we watched I saw Elder Zelezniak. SO pretty crazy that Leata would've been in the MTC at that time.

Anyways I have 5 minutes left. I love you guys siempre. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEZ!!!! I won't be able to write again before it. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!... Guys buy me a camera... seriously.

Con amor...

Don’t miss me too much I’ve got work to do!

Hermana Loli. xo

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