Thursday, 9 April 2015

General Conference

Umm, helloooo why is no one writing me actual letters? Haaaa! Just kidding. I don’t really mind. L
Studying is hard work here in the CCM and omg* its crazy … everything is. Some days are so hard and I just want to DIEEEEEEEEE and then other days are fine. And i just have to remember that everyone in here is going through the same thing and I’m not alone and that our Saviour Jesus Christ will always be there for us. So I just pray pray pray and don’t think much about it.

GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS THE BESTTTT!!!!! Watch Saturday and Sunday!!!! It was all about families and I was major homesick but then I changed the perspective and thought about the families that I will be teaching and how I should teach them about the opportunity of eternal  families and if I love my family so much that I should want everyone to be with theirs just as I want to be with mine.

Um I love it here and it’s hard but it’s SOOOOOOOOOO worth it... I HAVE A NEW BABY NIECE!!!!!!!!! OMG* MY LUCKY BABY NUMBER 7!!!!

So updates from this week:

v  We got a new Aussie elder from Australia, Elder Addi (Tuvaluan background). They told us that 3 Aussies is the most they’ve ever had. It’s cool though ‘cos I miss our accent being around.
v  We do the haka all the time HAHAHAHAHA it’s so random but the Americans and Latinas love it! 
v  I’m the Sister Music Leader for all the sisters here in the CCM (told you I sound like “B” hahahaha!) 
v  Spanish is coming... slowly YET surely 
v  We went to the temple this morning... Spanish SESSION! Hahahaha the bomb... ( I have 12 minutes left)... 
v  Me, Elder Fiu and Elder Maliga are attempting to write a Spanish song (stay tuned) 
v  Today marks my half way mark in the CCM... 3 more weeks to go... it feels like 10 years in here though 
v  Life is crazy 
v  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Anyways, I gotta go... don’t miss me too much, I got work to do! SONRISA SIEMPRE!!!!


*oh my goodness

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