Monday, 2 February 2015


I went through the temple on Saturday.
The feelings I felt whilst in there are indescribable. The one feeling I felt above all else was love – just love.
I felt love all around. I felt love for my Heavenly Father, I felt the love that He has for me. I felt the love of my parents & sisters that were there with me. I felt love from my eternal family & friends who also attended my first time at the temple to receive my endowments. I felt love everywhere.
I fell in love with the feeling & I wish that I could just live in there & not have to worry about the world around me. Once you walk in through the temple doors, all the bad feelings you have, all the stress that you feel, goes away. & you feel calm & peace surround you. But then once you walk back out those doors, the doors of security, all your stress comes rushing back. Nevertheless, the love that I felt in the temple, stayed with me. The feeling of love.
It was such a beautiful day & I am so glad that I was able to go through on such a beautiful sun shining day. 44 days until I leave & I am ready as ever (mentally that is because everything else is such a mess i.e., immunizations, but that’s another story hahaha). I couldn’t be more happier that I am leaving to serve the Lord in FORTY FOUR days!

My baby sister who means more than the world to me: Eternity!

My cousin Vaiola & her husband Filipo

Aunties: Mel & Ana

Older sister: Bez Aso Lagi

Why are my parents so gangsta?

This trouble maker Leata

My hermana Melissa!

Princess Aurora.

My homeboys Hans & Mosiah

My glowing preggs, Luaina

My new found love, the house of the Lord.

We had a YSA Fast Breaker last night at The Whiting’s house & it was just the best to be there amongst young men & women who share the same standards, values & beliefs as me. Also, I LOVE THE WHITING’S!

I love this girl too much! Marlies, she served in KOREA!

Stacey Stace, we tighter than tight now! 

Michael Faustini.

The Cessnock boys!

I’ll leave you with my testimony that I know that Heavenly Father lives & loves us! I know that He prepared a way for us to return because He loves us so much & the way that He prepared for us is His son Jesus Christ who came to Earth to die for us so that we may live again. I love the Atonement so much because without it, I would be lost. Everyone would be lost. I am so very grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith & for the MANY sacrifices that he made so that we could have the truth in these latter days. I absolutely LOVE the scriptures, it is my breath of fresh air in this cruel world. I love our living Prophet Thomas S. Monson & am so thankful for his teachings & his guidance. I am one hundred per cent in love with the Gospel of Jesus Christ & would not know where I would be in this world without it. It is my sunshine in the rain, my cold breeze on a hot Summer’s day, my light at the end of a dark tunnel. It is the one thing that makes COMPLETE sense in this crazy world. It is my life, & I would give anything for it. If I didn’t believe this Gospel, then I wouldn’t be giving 18 months of my life for it. This is what I believe, this is what I KNOW! Through & in the name of our beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ…

Sister Loli ;-)