Wednesday, 4 February 2015



42 days until I fly to the other side of the world… Viva mehico! Hahahaha! I’m not even going to Mexico, I just felt like saying that. Anyways, ever since I received my call, everything has been so hektik! Life has been busier than ever, work has been CRAZY (& driving me crazy!), birthdays, baptisms, funerals, reunions, weddings… You get the picture.. si? Hahaha! Such a wannabe Spaniolo (Samoan for Spanish person).

My emotions have been a rollercoaster (but then again, when are they not?) & one minute I’m so excited then nekk minnit I’m in tears thinking about how much I’ll miss my parents!!! But anybody who is about to embark on a journey thinks like this right? Of course right!

So here is a list of things that you do to prepare yourself to not miss your family & friends… no guarantees! (Hehehe!)

How to help with not missing loved ones:
  •  Don’t waste time!
    • Spend as much time as you can with the people you love the most.
  • If you wanna cry – CRY!
    • There is no better time than NOW… If you are having a moment where you want to break down & cry because you’re about to leave your home for 18 months to a foreign strange land, then you CRY!!! Just let it out, let it out.
  • Talk to them…
    • Nope, not through social media, email or text! Pick up the phone & TALK! Or better yet, arrange a time to meet up & talk… FACE-TO-FACE!
  • Tell them you love them...
    • Self explanatory...
  • Say CHEESE!
    • Take lots of photos, selfies, group shots, get a selfie stick & go crazy. Then print them out & take them with you to wherever you may be going.
  • Keep a journal...
    • it will help you not think too much about home, family or friends. It will be your new bestfriend & letting it out on paper will help with the pain of missing people...
  • Just keep swimming!!
    • Keep a positive attitude, keep smiling & remember that "this too shall pass"

So I guess now all I have to do is remember these points & try & not die when I have to leave my family, friends, lovers lol! Anyways, that's all for now... Ahhh! Time is flying fast. Scary, but also so very exciting!

Sister Loli ;-)

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