Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Robert Carter

The mission life is hard.

But I have never felt this kind of happiness before. The happiness I feel sharing this Gospel with the people that I meet everyday - Its something so sacred and beautiful and you can really feel the spirit moving through you as you speak and teach. I love the mission with all of me. Okay.

Robert Carter: When I first came to Corozal I met Brother Carter and the missionaries who were here first told me that he was a MARC (recent convert or less active) and so I was like, oh thats cool he comes every Sunday but he lives in the Elders area so thats cool. And then when we opened up Corozal 2 I realised that he was in our area now.

We start to bump into him in the street, central park, riding his bike past us we say hi. Then ZL tells us that he isn't a member #DryMormon and so we ask him his story. He says that he was invited to church one day (2 years ago) and since then he's loved it and hasn't missed a Sunday since. And I wondered why the missionaries never baptised him. It's because they could never get a hold of him. He is never at home and he is a mechanic but on the go (visits homes) and so we set appointments to meet him in the park. And we teach him there. He is super positive but (there's always a but) he also attends the Adventist church every Saturday. And so at the present time we have been encouraging him to pray about what's right because only God can give us the real answer we are looking for. Because he told us that he wanted to ask his pastor lol... Egg! But anyways I love this old man (66 years) and he is super great! But you'll be hearing more about Mr Carter in the future. He is the greatest! #grandpa.


No time.

So I gotta go but just like always (como siempre) I want to leave you with my testimony that I know that the things that I am sharing everyday to these people here in Belize are the truths. That when Jesus Christ was on the Earth he set up ONE CHURCH, and that the same church that he set up when He was here has been restored again, with the same Priesthood authority that we have today in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
We have a living Prophet today who leads, guides and directs this church. The plain and precious truths are within these teachings. And the invitation always is to pray... don't do it for anyone else but for yourself. Pray for knowledge. He will answer you. Our Heavenly Father loves all of His children.

Well, I love you guys. Do good things.

Also, just off topic do you think I could get released over Skype and just live here???? I don't wanna come home. Just a thought??? LOL... Okay I love you all!

I love you, don't miss me too much. I’ve got work to do xx

Sister Loli


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