Tuesday, 15 March 2016

my letter to prez this week...

Hey Prez!

Yeah I believe it... I think it all depends on your attitude and so I choose that this week will be a good week! Weh di go aan?

The multizone was great and uplifting. You know you had a good multizone when you leave feeling motivated... and then you get on the 3 hour long ride home to Corozal and then that motivation goes away hahaha jokes.

Honestly though, thank you for everything President. You probably hear this too much but you and Sister Hintze are the best. The love you have for us as missionaries is incredible!

You've gotta be real special to have that kinda love for so many people and everyone of them feeling the love equally. #RealParents... but yeah, I am good.

I think I know what the key is now... Casi one year in and only just starting to figure it out hahaha #fail hahaha. But yes, I am good.

My companion is the best and I love her to death (I hope she feels the same... if not #awkward)!! Our area is going good.

This is Zeanna Myers - She's got a date for the 26th...ahhhh I love her!!

We are feeling 2 baptisms... We really are feeling it. And something that you said at the multizone...

 "if you are obedient, everything will fall into place"

because when I am the most obedient that I can be, I SEE MIRACLES...

But the weeks that I am lacking in obedience.... well.... its kinda like a crash and burn week.

OBEDIENCE IS VITAL! IT IS KEY!! and thats why its the 1st law of heaven.

But yes, everything is going smooth. I love my branch. COROZAL IS THE BEST!!!!!! I love you guys and thanks for eating that big mac in front of us hahaha. Its okay cos Sister Vivas had bought us maccas (mcdonalds) the week before lol.

One of the seventy from the reformed church ...
He's super chill though and gave me a book from their church ... show you when I get home!

So us Corozal girls weren't feeling the pain as much as the others would have been hahaha. I really liked that example though. Well I love you President. See you in April... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!


PS. Don't miss me too much I've got work to do xx

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