Tuesday, 2 February 2016


We had interviews with president this week and me and soa went matching... shes so cuuuute man! lol!
Anyways, this week has been CRAZY! We have been moving... us and the Zone Leaders are switching houses because it just makes sense cos we don't have bikes anymore and their house is closer to our area and our house is in their area.. So we switched.
But like #DRAMAforYaMAMA I was like fighting with my ZLs all week... #iWANTEDtoKILLthem but now we sweet...
But you know, we are family and so just like our families we fight... and then we make up and our bond is stronger... we are fighting this world of troubles... we are trying very hard to make our branch a ward because we want so bad to see a stake here in Belize!!!! I know that it will happen, we just need to keep working hard and preaching and teaching with power and authority.
Ahhh I love the mission so much!!! And I am so grateful for the eternal friendships I have made so far. This is something that I will never ever REGRET doingggg!!!!!!! I love it sooo muchhhh!!!! My relationship with my father in heaven has grown so much and everyday it continues to grow, I love this Gospel with all of my heart and I couldn't imagine my life without it.
I love you guys... Be obedient to the Lord's commandments, they are there to protect us... ENDURE TO THE END.... PERSEVERAR HASTA EL FIN!!!! I love you guys forever!!!! Also, Elder Cook WAS AMAZING!!!!! And I just love his wife so much... It was really something I needed to hear. But yeah, casi casi... this mission is going too fast... It needs to slow down... but anyways. I love you guys forever!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do!

Sister Loli

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