Friday, 29 January 2016

Australia Day!!

Hey everyone!!!
So this week has been great. First off, Sister Kava is my STL (Sister Training Leader) and we had interchanges. IT WAS THE BEST! I loved it cos we spent 2 nights together and we were just catching up on life. And the thing is, Me and Kava together... we kill it! #BossLadies Lol! And it was so good to be with her cos she is legit my bestfriend!
Man, so this week was good and then it made it even better cos my step-dad (in the mission) who is now AP, Elder Monsen came to work with our ZLs and so that was awesome to see him too. So I got to see all of my family #MyMissionFamBam...
But yeah, I love the mission. Our area is still super new to us... but we love it and now we don't have any bikes so like... friiick mon! Its crazy! I never thought I'd ever say this but... I MISS MY BIKE!!! I never used to even like the damn thing but now I'm like.. I miss my bike!!!! But yeah I love you guys. I am so excited for President Cook tomorrow... AHHHH! I wanna cry! But yeah, tell yous about it next week.
Man I love you guys! Be good! Tell my Daddy I love him and kiss my 7 babies for me... I LOVE YOU!

Sister Loli xx
Don't miss me too much I've got work to do!


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