Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Maya Ruins!!!

Hey Guys!
Sorry dont have much time but I love you guys... BE GOOD... GO TO CHURCH.... SYD GET BAPTIIIIISEDDDD!!!!!!! I love you guysssss!!!!!

The mission is the best I am in love with every little bit and piece of it. The fighting, the rejection and the hard companions... ALL OF IT!!!! And I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

But yeah you guys probably know how I feel right now... Almost 11 months and its not slowing down. I am so scared to come home... I DON'T WANNA!!! The mission, I was made for... What am I going to do at home??? THIS IS REALITY! This is what PURPOSE feels like... Why does it have to end? :'(   I'm trying not to be too depressed about it. And I pray every second that by the time the time comes for me to face my demons of coming home... That I'll be ready. Because I am FAAAAARRRRR from ready right now. Home is the LAST thing on my mind. I have so much work to do!!!!  :'(     ARGH! Time has gone so fast and its just getting faster... I hit 11 months... and before I know it, it'll hit a year and then BAM! I'll be back at home before I know it being a menace to Centrelink ;(  Lol! Aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!

But dont worry I dont worry too much about it cos I'm too busy with the people I am in love with everything here in Belize., I really was blessed with the BEST MISSION and the best countries to serve in... My calling is great and I am consecrated! I know my purpose and why I was called to be a missionary.

I am so thankful for my Mum and Dad for ALWAYS supporting me. You guys are my life and I'm blessed with you for ETERNITY! LOVE YOU SO MUCH MUM & DAD!

Anyways for P-day today we went to the Maya Ruins.....omg..... they are so beautiful!!! I LOVED IT! We also went to lamanai by boat... it was the bomb. We saw so much wildlife... crocodiles and birds and stuff... Belize is beautiful! It was 1 hour and a half boat ride. I LOVED IT!!! Here's some pics!!! Don't know if you know where I am but I'm on the border of Mexico.

Me and my comp went matching. we are so cuuuute!!! I called and told Kava. And told her to come matching with her soa too! Hehehehe! She's with Aillery and I love Aillery with all of my heart. Lol! She came out with me to the mission too. She's such a sweetie! I have never met anyone sweeter!
So there's 4 of us that came out together in my zone - Me Fiu Aillery and Scott!!! Hektik!

This is Elder Fiu. He's my best friend who I came in the mission with.. from Melbourne. The only other Australian in the mish. Just the two of us. He's still the same little brat. But I'm glad I got a brother in the mish. We tight!  He's in the same zone. Its so cool! And everyone thinks we'll get changed next change ... lol they were all like "what was prez thinking putting the 2 crazy aussies together" hahahahaha

Lol! Fiu and Maliga are the only other Samoans in my mission. They are elders.  I am the only Samoan sister. Then Lino (Who's in Succotz. Where Kava was when she came to Belize. Its near the Guatemala boarder)... and Kava are Tongan (sisters) and then Sitani and Kaufusi are Tongan elders. So, I'm the only one that doesn't have a double. And I like it that way ;) HAHAHAHA!


I love the mission!  I'm not saying that I have the best mission in the world... But I have the best mission in the world LOL!


This is us on a bus, on our way to district conference... its not a stake conference but it was good.
I love seeing president and sister Hintze. THEY ARE PERFECT MISSION PARENTS!

Guys, the atonement IS REAAALLLL~!!!~~!!! Take hold of it!
i love you! Sister Loli

PS. They eat Ulu here. I've been asking around for kalos cause I saw them before but they have a different name here. Me and Fiu are always looking lol! But they have pisupo and milo and that's all that matters!!! LOL!

Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do!


To my TAL girls!!! Tiffany and Adele! Hope you guys had a fantastic day! I'm sure TAL went all out for you! *wink wink* Love you guys xx

Lepaaaaaaaa!!!!! Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! LOVE YOOOOOU!!!

Sorry if I miss someone's birthday - I've lost my bday book :(

Love You Guys xx

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  1. Nawwww glad you are having an amazing time. Love reading your blogs!! Miss ya