Thursday, 14 January 2016

Happy New Year Darlings!

2016 WAAAHT!

The year I complete my mission. I so don't wanna come home. SUCKS SO BAD!

But... es la vida! It will all be okay I guess. Hopefully by the time my 9 more months are up, I will be ready or I might just run away. Lol! #JokesNotJokes But omg, I hate changes.


We just got told our changes... I am staying in the same house with Sister Hirsch but we are getting new comps and new areas. But same house. Crazy! We got the elders area and we are whitewashing. So I am still in Corozal. But not Corozal 3, I am in Corozal 2. 

She JUST got out of training and knows NO ENGLISH. So my second Latina but I LOVE HER TO DEATH!  Her name is Sister Barrientos from Guatemala.

She only has 4 months in the mission and legit JUST finished her training. She got sent here to Belize with NO ENGRRRISH! Its hard for her and she gets overwhelmed and cries sometimes, but I love her to death! She is amazing! But its cool, cos our area is mostly Spanish. Good for her but I still want her to learn alot of English with me because if she goes to an area with no Spanish (cos theres heaps) then who will help her? LOL! So yeah thats what we will do.

So the 4 of us live together, me, B, Hirsch (my old soa) and her new soa Sister Maceda from Mexico who also speaks NO ENGLISH. But in my old area, its all english so poor Maceda but she will learn fast. I LOVE THE MISSION AND IT IS ALL GOING WAY TOO FAST!!!!

Some of my boys are leaving BUT my bestfriend Kava is coming to my Zone. I love it! And she is my sister training leader and so EXCHANGES!!!
So now I've had 6 companions including MTC:
Scott (CCM)Kava (1)Kava (2)Wagner (3)Martinez (4)Martinez (5)Hirsch (6)Barrientos (7)
I was starting to forget Spanish being over here in Belize but now I have B and I am getting it back! I don't speak CREOLE! It's weird English! 

Yesterday we had to go to Belize City for immigration stuff and missed out on our PDAY. Because Belize City is THREE HOURS from us. Took up my whole pday. I was so blahhh! But oh well! Hehe

My President dies(finishes his mission as our president) in June :'( I am going to DIE !!!!! I don't want him to go.. but we already know the name of our new one. President Adams. Omg, on the 20th President Cook is coming to Belize to talk to us missionaries. Super personal cos theres only like 56 of us. CRAZY!!! And on the 26th is a missionary wide world conference. Everyones freaking out cos they have NEVER had this before in the world. Its a big announcement that everyone is anticipating. Scary stuff but we shall see... maybe they'll give us guns or something LOL! Nah jokes. But one of my elders told me that they have been thinking about making mission time shorter because thats alot of the reasons why people dont serve because of how long it is. But we shall see, only God knows and only with time will we know. #BePrepared! Anyways. I love you guys so much. I gotta go. Stay awesome. The Church is True. I LOVE YOU!  Next week we are going to see one of the ruins called Lamanai (google it). I love you guys. Gotta go.


I love you.

Sista Laleee! (Kriol accent)

Mision El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize
P.O. BOX 1123
Belize, Belize City
Don't miss me too much! I've got work to do!!!

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