Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My First Pupusa

Ummm... noone wants to write huh? QUE PASO?

Well I received my first letter this week from Tiffany. She’s such a cutie. Thank you Tiffany!!!  I´m sending you a letter today!

How was the funeral? How was everything? Thanks for filling me in... NOT!  But yeah anyways, don´t leave me out of the loop. If I don´t get an update on Monday I think the worst.

Anyways, Sister Remington and Sister Havea filled me in on the stake split. That’s so cool and weird all in one. Like AWESOME cos the work is progressing but sad cos I love President Whiting. Its gonna be weird and why did we have to go with Central Coast? Lol just kidding... but really... 

Anyways, this week has been SUPER HARD. I´ve been like crying all week... Well just the beginning of the week and then the AP Elder Fonoimoana called me and gave me some advice cos about a year ago he lost his Dad and what helped him get through it on the mish (cos he didn’t go home) was reading, studying and pondering on the Plan of Salvation and strengthening his testimony on that. So that has been my focus and I know it’s real, I know it is true!

I am so BLESSED to be here on my mission. I LOVE IT! My Zone has been so supportive and Hermana Hintze is the bomb. Oh EMM Gee! me and the Hermana´s in my zone (the 6 of us) sang Glorioso - Eleni in front of our Multi-zone... It was pa´ulua... but it was cool. LOL!

So the beginning of the week was REAL depressing. But then we ended on a high. We got 18 new investigators!!! It was super cool! How is everyone? What’s been happening?  Send me real letters everyone!

Anyways, I love you guys. This week I´m teaching the Relief Society a Samoan dance, and the Priesthood the haka and Kava is teaching a Hawaiian dance to the youth and Tahitian to the primary. Then we´re singing ¨Hey boy for our Tongan item cos Fonoimoana said I could have his uke until the 6th of June. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I am so in love with the ukulele... It reminds me so much of HOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! His sister sent it from Hawaii, it’s PERFECT! But yeah his ukulele actually helped me to like get over myself LOL I just kept crying all the time. But yeah he is the BOMB!!!!! Okay not much to say but I love you guys. DO GOOD THINGS, DONT TALK TO STRANGERS...





Don’t miss me too much, I’ve got work to do!!!
Hermana Loli xoxoxo

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