Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My name is Earl ...


So I am not too sure what to say except, the mission life is great! #blessbless... I am now the only Poly here eena di Belize... #LastSurvivor.  Sitani has now finished his mission and Lino, Maliga and Fiu are all back now. I'M ALL ALONEEEEE! Haha!


So then on Tuesday we went to the mainland because Hurricane Earl was coming to Belize, and so this past week we have been in Belmopan. It has been so bless because me and Scott were able to be in a trio with our other best friend Aillery, who also started her mission with us. It was our dream come true to all be together again.


Man, Belmopan got smashed up too... I could not sleep all night because it was so baaaad. But I was grateful to be with my two MTC sisters. The next day we went out and gave service to the people of Belmopan who lost their homes and whose houses flooded...


The Belmopan sisters house only had little flooding and the electricity was out for half the day but the most important part was that we were all safe.
Sister Aillery, Elder Osiek (He's our nurse) and I

The people of Belize are so great! And are so positive, they have nothing but give so much. I love being here and serving.


I have been blessed with the BEST MISSION EENA DI WERLDDDD!!!!! But yes, the church is true, keep on keeping on. Have faith through ANYTHING (even hurricanes hahaha)... that’s when our faith is tested the most, when Satan throws everything that he can at us... But be steadfast and immovable! Build your faith on the rock of our redeemer who is Christ! (Helaman 5:12)..


I love you guys heaps.  Have a good week.



Don’t miss me too much, I have 5 weeks left :'(  of work to do </3


Sister Loli

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