Tuesday, 9 August 2016

We are all fighting individual battles ...

Man!!! I am on an emotional roller coaster right now.  I know the time is coming close but I am working hard. We are throwing fire...


I hope you know I am okay. Don't worry too much about me. Me and Sister Scott are working our butts off!


We have so many potential baptisms. We have 12 people we could baptise  and they all have dates, the 24th and the 31st in July are big days for us. So we need your guys prayers. We could baptise so many people. But Satan is also so strong... You can see him playing tug of war with us. That's why, as a missionary, it is so VITAL to be obedient with exactness other wise you'll lose a round. You can't lose ANY rounds because these are souls we are talking about. 


We were born with the gospel and so we know it. But freak, I wish I could really just put my heart into the investigators so they could feel how I feel about the Gospel and could know what I know. The Gospel is PERFECT... Why can't everyone just understand it? But I also know that we cannot force anyone to believe anything we say. The Spirit is the real teacher, we are but instruments. So to be effective instruments, we must be EXACTLY OBEDIENT so the spirit can work through us, work through me. We must make the spirit the Senior companion in all we do... I love being a missionary!


I would have been so incomplete without it... We are currently helping a girl in our branch keep strong. She only had 10 days to go before she left for her mission to Dominican Republic... TEN DAYS!!! And yesterday we went all over the WORLD (the island) to find her, we finally found her after countless calls and text messages and her not replying... and she tells us she doesn't want to go anymore. HEART. BROKEN. But I know also, I can't even force her. All I could do was support her and give her words of encouragement.


We are all fighting individual battles and all we can do is be understanding of each other.


I kinda cried a little bit but.. yeah... I love her and I know she will make the right decision in the end.


We invited her just to pray and really ponder if she should go or not. This is her decision... but yeah. Pray for her ... I love her with all of my heart. Venancia is her name. 


Ok well have to go. Love You Guys xx


Don’t miss me too much, I got work to do J


Sister Loli !


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