Tuesday, 7 June 2016

We going down down baby...(04/05/2016)

Lovers and friends...

So this passed Pday we went to XUNANTUNICH... and it wasn't too shabby. Another ruin, they're all one in the same. BUT they're great! And we got to go with the Benque Zone... It was fun cos Maliga is the zone leader there and Lino is also in that zone. Twas great!!

This week we have been teaching Wilmer like crazy... everyday so that he could be ready for baptism this Saturday. HE IS SO READY!!! We are pumped for his baptism. He is a little crazy BUT we love him. He's straight up, but people know him as "loco" around town. But mi cae bien so I'm like, whatevs. He has a problem with the Word of Wisdom right now but I feel like that is the common issue here in Belize. It’s all about that ganja! But we are working hard to get that sorted. Wilmer is a great guy... I'll send photos of him in the next email. But we are working hard!

My District Leader's Birthday

I love Alcantara with all of my heart. She is awesome! I love the work and Santa Elena is baaaws! We celebrated Blair's 20th birthday this week too, was fun. So many babies... I am surrounded by babies out here but it’s so great cos Heavenly Father trusts His work in the hands' of these innocent young men and they hold the PRIESTHOOD. I love it also,...

WE ARE SKYPING THIS WEEK!!! OMG... I AM SO EXCITED... This is the only time we can tell you about the time we are skyping and so I will say, lets skype Sunday morning 10am (Australian time) which will be Saturday night here (Belize) at 6pm... which means you can go to church for an hour... BUT MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS THERE... I don't want a repeat of last time. Okay I'm out. I love you guys heaps... I will catch ya all on SKAAAAAYPE!!! Laterrrrssss.


Don't miss me too much! I've got work to do J

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