Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Island - 21.06.2016

Aloha...Jokes. What up!? Weh di guan?! G'day mate! 


So emergency transfers isn't that bad. The island is BEAUTIFUL!

The people are just as great and the senior couple here The Alden's make the island wonderful. So we have been here all of 5 days and it's amazing!

The elders have been helping us out heaps cos we know nothing about this place. But cos it's an island (like Samoa) it's not that hard.

It's great being with Scott again cos we started together and we'll finish together #startedFromtheBottomNowWeHere.... Lol! We are happy we're together cos we just wanna work hard!!! But sad at the same time cos we know it will go fast :( 12 weeks too fast...

But I know I'll be ready when it comes. Fun fact: sister Alden's first love was Sam Atoa from Samoa. They were too be married but then President David O. Mckay said no... That's another story though. She's awesome though. I love them! She sings all the Samoan oldies. So... its a little overwhelming

BUT I am so ready and its great when your companion is also willing. We're ready to throw FAYAAAAAA!!! (fire) hahaha. But I love you guys. I hope all is well down unda!!! 12 weeks... 86 DAYS TO SAVE SOULS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All my loving,


Sister Loli

Don't miss me too much I have work to do xx

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