Thursday, 28 April 2016

Email from 12.04.2016 (SUBJECT: These hills ain't loyal...)

weh di go aan?  Well... Yo tuve cambios and
I am in SANTA ELENA (CAYO) and my new companion is SISTER ALCANTARA and she is the! I love this giiiial heaps! She's from Houston, Texas (where Beyonce is from) and she is

honestly awesome. She looks Tongan so it makes me feel home... kinda! #LOVETONGANS... Her parents are Mexican... but she's a real Southern Belle hahahahaha! I love her so much!

Also, Santa Elena... or Cayo in general is known for its hills... JUELA MAQUINA... I have died everyday waiting for youuuuu lol... for reals though. The hills here are like "hills and potions, we overdosing..." kidding. It ain't that bad. but think QUIGLEY ROAD x 250... thats all I gotta say. But when you get to the top its like, "HEAVEN I'M IN HEAVEN..." Its so beautiful the views from these hilltops. I LOVE IT. I LOVE SANTA ELENA. And I miss Corozal with my whole heart and the people I have there, BUT Santa Elena is GREAAAT! (I miss the water though).

So the hills kill me, but its so worth it when you get to the top... kinda reminds me of life. Its a climb to get to the top but it will all be worth it, just ENDURE TO THE END! And oh my word, GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS SO AMAZING. I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE WITH EVERYTHING!!!! I hate when it ends because then you have to face the real world lol.. You get this good old pump about life and then ... you have to face it for real and put into practice everything that they talk to you about... and then... DUN DUN hahaha jokes. But what the PROPHET spoke to us about hit hard. "Which path shall I follow? Well that depends on where you want to go... if you don't know where you want to go it doesn't matter which path you follow". He quoted that from the smiling cat from Alice in Wonderland and its so TRUUUUUUUUUE!!! But the thing is, WE DO KNOW WHERE WE WANT TO GO... So, we need to heed the words of the Prophet, heed the words of our Leaders. General Conference is the best. It gets you pumped for life. Theres so much that I want to requote but you know, you can watch it too. WATCH IT!!!!!!! So Australia will watch it this week I gather. ENJOY!!!!!!! LISTEN AND APPLY!!!!!!!!

SO MY DISTRICT IS BLAIR (BLAZE) from Arizona HAHAHA aka Utah hahaha hes not but I mock him... and then Valverde from Ecuador...  I LOVE MY DISTRICT WITH MY WHOLE HEAAAAART!!!! Okay, don't have much time... But I love you guys. SHARE THE GOOD WORD WITH EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
SISTER LOLI !!!!!!!!!!
ps, everyone thought I was from africa... awkward... hahahaha #AfricanQueen

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