Thursday, 28 April 2016

Email from 12.04.2016 (SUBJECT: All I do is lin lin lin ;) )

So Pday last week was the first with my new zone CAYO! It wasn't too shabby. I mean, we didn't do much eventhough we all wanted to go to the Iguana exhibit but then our ZL's told us it was $18 and ain't nobody got time fo dat... #DatBrokeLaif #MissionaryLaif. We had Family Home Evening with the Sandoval and Moody fams and it was crazy! I felt like I was at home again because of the sibling "love" that was going on. I shared the "washing dishes" guessing story and noone had heard it before #FirstTime and it felt good considering noone ever wanted to share it at home hahaha #Overtold. And I can't think of any other ones for the moment... #BlankSpace!

And then Tuesday was good. It was raining but it wasn't too shabby. We went to Belize City for the Leader's Meeting #GotDrenched. But had fun... Especially on that 3 hour bus ride #TieTiePasi... But it was cool cos Maliga is in the neighbouring zone and he was on it so that was good. We talked about just how real Satan is and how he really is tricking people these days. Like for example: how people don't wanna get married these days, how they're fine just living in sin... they think that its correct. But then gay couples just HAVE TO get married. Why? SATAN IS REYAAAALL!!
Wednesday, I had a good conversation with a member named Brother Don who is originally from Texas and said that he had the opportunity to go to Australia when he was young but he rejected it and now he regrets it. He wanted to see the "glowing red rock" he called it. He was talking about Ayers Rock. But now he thinks its too late cos he is old but #ItsNeverTooLate... He said that his Dad told him when he was younger 
"You learn to read, you learn the world..."
He seems like a wise guy. I also watched the 12 steps to recovery program this week. OH MY GOSH BECKY!!! I cried like no other... That ish is REYAAALLL! #ShowMyBrothers.
Thursday we had Zone Conference and my Zone Leaders are CRAYCRAY! For realzies... I mean, I love them BUT I'm a tad confused. They're heaps spiritual and all but they're CRAZY! So I don't know when they're being serious or not. But I love the Cayo Zone so much! We talked about a basketball player named Jeremy Lin and how he was like a one shot wonder. And how we need to try how hardest in our work because we can be like him in the way we work and just make miracles... #AllWeDoIsLinLinLin. So Cayo has 5 companionships: 2 here in Santa Elena, 2 in San Ignacio and then 1 in Bullet Tree. We have a lot of fun as a zone and GET WORK DONE! ;)

Friday we had interviews with President. OMG!!! I can't even express just how much I love my mission parents! They finish in June and it sucks so bad. Leata was so right when she told me that "you're not called to your mission, you're called to your mission President". I LOVE HIM HEAPS AND HEAPS!!! So he made me make 2 videos while I was in my interview... 1 for Mum and Dad and one for Kava cos I begged him to send me back to El Salvs to see her before she finishes (cos she finishes this change :'|) so he recorded me and told me to say things for them. So he'll send that to you Mumma. #BeReady ahhaha! He also made me a deal... no get ready for this one Daddy... I asked him if he'll come to my wedding and he said he will come if I marry a Tongan HAHAHAHA!!!! We shook on it too... But then I told Sister Hintze that my Dad would kill me if I marry a Tongan and she said that he doesn't need to be a Tongan, that they'll come either way hahaha! I love them so much!!! I also begged him to let me die in Ayutuxtepeque, he took notes and so I'm wishing and hoping... But yeah, Friday was a GREAT day! I love Prez so freaking much!
Saturday, I also saw a lot this week... Satan is hitting and targeting families HARD! It sucks so bad, but like almost every household we entered this week was full of contention. Cussing and arguments. 1 of the investigators that we have was threatening his sister with a machete... it was so sad! I just sat there with my comp like awkies... I was like #Memories... JOKES JOKES haha. But honestly, it is sad!!! He's breaking them up!
And then bendito Sunday!!!
My least favourite day on the mission hahaha jokes. #BuhReally... I spoke in my new branch. I spoke about general conference so that was fun. There are a lot of old white men in my branch #JustARandomFact... But I already love this branch heaps. I love the Gospel because it is the same everywhere. I am so blessed to have this truth in my life. I am also the Chorister here too. I feel like wherever I go, they catch me... #AllIDoIsLinLinLIn... jokes. Also visited a member named Brother Griffith and he is just THE BEST! He is 94 years old and loves to sing! I love him to death and wish I met my grandpas but I found a few here on the mish. So I don't feel sorry for myself lol. I love him though!

Anyways, I should probably go now and do some... Pday stuff... hahaha! I love you guys so much!!! And I'll see you in like... 5 months??? hahahaha #NotBaggy. The church is true, live it like you believe it. WORK WITH THE MISSIONARIES!!!! I love yous heaps!!!


All my loving,

Sister Esther Loli

Don't miss me too much, I've got work to do xx

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